Full Form of CMS

Full Form of CMS

Content Management System

CMS Full Form is Content Management System. CMS are used to manage website content. There are two components in the content management system: Content Management Application & Content Delivery Application. CMS ensures that the page is sent to the manager when an author creates it, following which it is sent to the web time for their review.


The CMS oversees the status of each page and also keeps the people involved informed about it. Since the creation of content doesn’t require the knowledge of any codes or programming language, the author can primarily focus on the development of content. This reduces the time taken for the creation of the web page as well as improved content on the website.


Content Management Application:

  • This application allows the user to create, modify or remove content from a website without having the skills of a webmaster.
  • This system is easy to use and does not require a lot of technical skills.

Content Delivery System:

  • The content delivery system utilizes and collects the information that needs to be updated on the website.
  • Common features of it may include publishing, search, revision control, etc.
  • The web-based publishing option includes the usage of a template and other means to construct or edit website content.

Benefits of a Content Management System:

  • The process of authoring and publishing is streamlined.
  • Changes to existing web pages and creation of new web pages are done faster and more efficiently.
  • There is an improvement in the website navigation and flexibility.
  • There is a greater scope for growth and website maintenance costs are minimized.