Full Form of BBA

Full Form of BBA

Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA Full Form is Bachelor of Business Administration. BBA is a 4-year undergraduate degree in business administration and commerce. BBA program offers basic education in various management principles. BBA students can specialize in various areas like Finance, International Business, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Real Estate Management, Accounting, Computer Information Systems etc.


The course also offers internship or practical training that prepares students to work with different sized organizations. The course also offers internship or practical training that prepares students to work with different sized organizations. To enroll into a BBA course, a student has to complete HSC/12th Class/ diploma or equivalent course.

Full Form of BBA
Full Form of BBA


After completion of BBA, students can opt for post graduate courses like MBA (Master of Business Administration) or PG Diploma in Business Management. Other specializations in the course might include; e-business, project management, entrepreneurship fundamentals and more. BBA greatly develops various practical skills like communication skills, practical management, and decision-making skills of students.


BBA Full Form: British Bankers Association

Full Form of BBA stands for British Bankers Association. It is a trade association based in the United Kingdom. The association, or let just refer it as BBA for the purpose of this article, focuses on the banking and financing sector centered around the United Kingdom. The members contribute in building up of the database on banking and financial sectors.


The BBA provides many membership benefits to its members and actively engages in discussions on and development of a legislative framework in the United Kingdom. The headquarters of the BBA is located in Broad Street, London. The BBA is a pioneering trade association with about 230 member-banks from across 50 countries, covering about 180 jurisdictions.


The BBA has a systematic organizational set-up with each unit discharging distinct responsibilities and functions. The following paragraphs enumerate some of the functional units in the BBA:


  • The BBA Board: The principal body in the BBA is the BBA Board. It is the governing body that undertakes major functions pertaining to the formulation of policies of the association.
  • Member Segment Advisory Boards: These boards act as interactive platforms whose primary task is to disseminate the proposals of the BBA Board and other policies formulated. There boards retail banks, challenger banks, small banks, foreign banks, private sector banks, etc.
  • High-Level Committees: These are important committees that perform crucial tasks necessary for the governance of the BBA. There are four such committees concerning retail policy, financial policy, and risk, wholesale policy and corporate policy.
  • Technical panels and working groups: There are a number of technical panels and working groups that perform other additional functions.
    The BBA organizes many events and training programs, which attract participation from different countries. In the year 2014, the BBA had organized 67 events that witnessed participation from about 4,500 persons.


Full Form of BBA: Boston Bar Association

BBA Full Form refers to Boston Bar Association. It is a non-governmental organization that is located in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. It hosts more than 11000 members who come from different walks of life like government agencies, legal aid services, courts, private corporations, law institutes, etc.


The association is the result of several meetings organized by John Adams, the lawyer, who represented the British soldiers prosecuted for Boston Massacre and eventually became the second President of the United States. The association has 24 sections and about 100 committees dealing with different issues in law and justice.


The BBA has engaged in different publications that highlight many legal and related issues. The association publishes a quarterly magazine known as the Boston Bar Journal. The Boston Bar Journal is an online magazine administered by a designated Board of editors that oversee the selection and publication of articles. The Board is responsible for analyzing articles submitted by advocates, judges, academic professionals, law students, etc. This online magazine is free for the association members but available to non-members on payment of a subscription fee.


Additionally, the BBA also publishes a newsletter every week, BBA Week, that provides information about various career opportunities in different legal departments, law firms, courts, etc. The newsletter also maintains information about latest events and programs being organized on legal issues. The BBA’s committees also publish newsletters.


The Association has also founded many programs directed towards public service and has brought together lawyers who are willing to contribute in the service. Some of the public service programs are as follows:


  • The M. Ellen Carpenter Financial Literacy Program, which was founded in collaboration with the United States Bankruptcy Court for Massachusetts, provided a platform for teaching high school students about bankruptcy and its prevention.
  • The Boston Bar Association Summer Jobs Program is another public service program established by BBA. It was organized in collaboration with the Boston Public Schools, the Boston Youth Fund, and the Boston Private Industry Council. The program promoted internship opportunities in law firms and government law agencies.


BBA Full Form: Burr and Burton Academy

Full Form of BBA stands for Burr and Burton Academy. It refers to an independent secondary school located in Manchester, Vermont. The school was established in the year 1829 as a coeducational school. The BBA is one of the most popular secondary schools among students from Manchester and some southern communities like Dorset, Danby, Londonderry, Landgrove, Stratton, etc.


The school witnesses enrollment of more than 50 international students every year. The school was founded with the purpose of educating students coming from myriad communities and creed and helping them develop a sense of solidarity amongst them.


The school hosts many departments that cater to specific needs of students in specific areas of studies. There is the Media Arts and Sciences Department that engages students in the study of radio technology. The department organizes communication programs that are managed only by students and this creates greater interaction and coordination among them. The department also offers courses on independent filmmaking and motivates students to develop short and feature films.


Apart from academic activities, the school organizes many extra-curricular activities that are necessary for the holistic development of students. Extra-curricular activities include as much as 16 sports, musical lessons, club activities, dramatic presentations. The school engages its students in many inter-school sports events. It is a member of the Marble valley League and participates in Division I/II. The school also offers courses in Spanish, French, German languages.


Many notable personalities are alumni of the school. Some of them are Pierce Fulton, DJ; Mildred Ellen Orton, who is the co-founder of Vermont Country Store; Parker White, who is a professional skier; Bill Wilson, who is a co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. The school has achieved international accolades for its extensive coursework and engagement in extra-curricular events and programs. The school offers 12 placement courses to prepare students for post-school graduation activities.


Full Form of BBA: Broadband Adapter

BBA Full Form refers to Broadband Adapter. Also known as the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter or simply BBA was launched for the Sega Dreamcast. Sega is a multinational company based in Japan that used to produce many home video games until the year 2001. The company eventually ran into loss caused by the Dreamcast console project that compelled the company to restructure itself. In the BBA, A 56 or 33.6K modem is added to the console for application in dial-up internet access. The BBA facilitates replacement by a broadband network adaptor for use with broadband internet facility.


There are two versions available for the modem adaptor. One is 670-14140A and the next adapter in this version is 670-14140B. The former version can utilize power which comes from the Dreamcast game console. This utilization can be made without any power requirement from any telephone line. The second version does not use Dreamcast console and therefore, it requires power from the telephone line.


There are three methods of establishing a server connection between a Dreamcast and a Personal Computer (PC) and they are PC-DC Server that uses Windows 95/98, PC-DC Server with the use of Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows7 and a virtual machine running a Linux distribution like Ubuntu, and Dial-up Network that uses a LAN Modem.


When BBA was launched, there were initially not many units put for sale but eventually the number of units in the market increased with the decline of Dial-up Networking. The Dreamcast now has attained huge popularity over the pre-packaged form of Dreamcast Modem. Some of the features in BBA were responsible for its surge in popularity, for example, it allows some of the games the facility to be played online through the BBA (through personal servers for example), Phantasy Star Online and Quake III Arena.