Full Form of BA – Eligibility, Admission & Career Options

Full Form of BA

Bachelor of Arts

BA Full Form is Bachelor of Arts. It is an academic or study-related course that is offered to the students of Arts who wish to pursue their study after passing the high school. It offers an extensive course and awards the students with the graduation degree of B.A. upon successful completion of it. Almost every college across the globe offers this course to its students. The course duration is usually 3 years, but it may vary according to the features and study components of each field of study it deals with.


The academic program of B.A. includes various topics like arts, fine arts, literature, humanities, social sciences, social studies etc. The curriculum, module, and duration change according to these factors. It offers the student to achieve a deep insight in the respected field of study he is pursuing. The students are taught to see the various aspects of the world through various lenses.

Full Form of BA
Full Form of BA


Whereas courses on science emphasize the factor of rationalistic logic, students pursuing B.A. are taught not only to rationalize things but also to imply their own imagination and opinion. As the field of study is broad and wide, ideas generated and implanted are various and varied. Students come out of the college not only with a certificate that is valid and highly valuable but also with a more clear perspective on life and its approach.


BA Full Form – Additional Information

In India, the undergraduate degree offered in the fields of humanities, as well as liberal arts, is known as the BA or Bachelor of Arts. The duration of the course may vary between different universities and colleges, but usually, it extends to 3 years. The demand for vocational courses is rising as the technologies are getting more and more advanced.


Although, the non-vocational courses have been overshadowed by professional courses such as management, medical and engineering, the courses like humanities are still popular among the students. Around forty percent of them select this course for higher studies. In order to have an overall growth of the economy, humanities, as well as arts, play an important role. The organizations of today’s era not only need graduates having a vocational degree but also those that have a humanitarian approach and a high adaptability.


Eligibility and Admission criteria of BA Course

The candidate must pass their class twelfth board from a recognized and authorized board successfully. The same is true for the equivalent exams. The students desiring to pursue the BA course can be any stream at the higher secondary level. In other words, those opting for the arts program at the level of graduation can be of arts, commerce or science background. The age of the candidate must be seventeen years or more. Different colleges and universities have different requirements of percentile.


The admission process of the study program of this degree is based on the merit list made by the colleges as well as universities. The formation of the list is done in accordance with the candidate’s extracurricular activities, marks in the higher secondary and the qualifying exam. Numerous colleges release the application for this degree course in June.


BA Course Syllabus

The students in the study program of BA are required to study five subjects. These are usually associated with social sciences and humanities. The two out of five subjects consists of language papers. A large number of subjects are offered in this course, from which the students need to choose their desired ones. They are required to select a subject in their 2nd year as their major. They can select either general or pass course or the major in this degree.


The course of the BA degree differs in different universities in certain aspects. In spite of this, similar study modules are offered by them for similar subjects. The areas of study for the BA degree include English, sociology, math, political science, geography, education, economics, history, public administration, philosophy, psychology, home science and social work. It also offers courses for other languages like German, Sanskrit and French.


Career Options for BA Graduates

The students of BA degree have practical skills in numerous subjects. Due to this, there are a large number of fields where they can pursue their career. They can obtain jobs in both private as well as public sectors. The individuals who are adaptable to any kind of work environment are in high demand. The communications, as well as decision-making abilities, are good, which makes them highly sought after in the private sector.


The areas where their demand is increasing includes journalism, educational institutes, BPO, public relations firms, information technology, NGOs, and media. The job profile of this degree includes customer care executive, features writer, HR executive, social worker and teacher. In the public sector, the BA pass outs can obtain jobs in railways, secretariat, banks, navy, and banks.


Benefits of doing BA Course

The following discusses the benefits of pursuing the BA course:

  • A large range of courses is offered in the study programs of the arts. Also, since there is no special eligibility requirement for specializing in a particular field, a student can choose the subject of his or her wish.
  • The flexibility of the BA course is very high. This helps the students in adapting to the ever changing requirements of the India’s employment.
  • The study program of this degree aids the students in developing portable as well as general skills which are essential for any type of career. These abilities help in research, information analysis, public relations, argument presentation, and communication.

BA in other nations

The following discuss the study programs of this degree in other countries.

In this nation, the provinces control the education. Different regions have different education systems. The universities, as well as colleges, usually provide the BA degree of three to four years. The students, whose performance in the study program is excellent, are admitted into the postgraduate program.

United Kingdom
The students who pursue the ordinary degree are entitled to the BA designation, and those pursuing the honours degree are entitled to BA (Hons). The awarding of the honours degree is done on the basis of the marks obtained by a student in his or her final exams and assessments. Those who obtain top marks are given a 1st class degree. This is followed by 2:1, which is basically an upper 2nd class degree and 2:2, which is a lower 2nd class degree. The 3rd degree is given to those having the lowest marks.