Full Form of B.Com – Eligibility, Benefits of doing B.Com Course

Full Form of B.Com:

Bachelor of Commerce

B.Com Full Form is Bachelor of Commerce. The degree given by universities in the areas of commerce and business is known as the B.Com. The courses of this degree can be pursued either part time or full time by the students. The duration of the study programs of this degree lasts for three to four years. The study programs are designed to offer a large number of skills related to management.

It is the preferred subject among those who are not interested in Science and Arts. There are several disciplines in which the course of this degree is provided for training the students in certain areas. In addition to the major subjects, several other subjects like economics, statistics, business management, accounting, information systems, marketing, human resources and finance are also exposed to the students.

During the course of study, the live-projects are also taken up by the B.Com students. These projects are related to the management of wealth, making financial decisions, laws of commerce, accounting, etc. They help in bridging the gap between the theory and their practical applications.

Full Form of B.Com
Full Form of B.Com

Eligibility Criteria for B.Com Course

The basic criteria for entering into the study programs of the BCOM degree are to successfully complete the class twelfth board exam or other equivalent exams. A large number of Commerce colleges and universities take only those students who have obtained at least fifty percent in the board exam of class 12th.

There are numerous colleges that make the merit list based on the marks of class 12th. These colleges are responsible for announcing the cut-offs. For getting admission in them, the students must clear these cut-offs. No entrance exams are conducted for this degree.

The science students can also get admission in the study programs of the BCOM degree. The maximum number of colleges that demands anyone as the core subject in the class eleventh and twelfth: office practice, economics, commerce, book-keeping, and accountancy.

Specializations in B.Com Course

The following are the specializations offered in the Bachelor of Commerce.

  • Sales management and advertising: The study program under this course exposes the essential aspects of sales management and advertising. The fundamental information provided under this area is beneficial for those pursuing the advertising and marketing industry.
  • Computer Applications: This area provides knowledge about the operating procedures, development of software and applications of computers. Additionally, other regular subjects like statistics, economics and accounts are also taught.
  • Office management: The study program under this field deals with work ethics, office administration, applications of computers, communication skills, corporate culture, etc.
  • E-commerce: This area is dedicated to the management of the e-commerce businesses like business portals and online shops. It also deals with the legal issues as well as technical issues associated with it.

Benefits of doing B.Com Course

There are numerous advantages of the BCOM degree. The study programs of this degree prepare students to obtain success in not only the corporate employment but also in self-employment. The job prospects of the B.Com students are very high. The reason for this is that every company requires an accountant, manager, and specialist of commerce. An individual familiar with accounting can scrutinize as well as comprehend the financial reports and their impact on a business, It is important to have a thorough knowledge of the practices of cost accounting as well as management, since it aids in making proper decisions in the performance evaluation and planning of the business activities of a company.

Career Options after obtaining B.Com degree

There are many career options for the students who have completed the B.Com study programs. The CA or Charted Accountant is among the usual choices. The exams for CA are organized by the ICAI. There are three exams which must be clear by the students. The first exam is CPT. The second one is IPCC, and then the students need to give the final exam. The B.Com students who have completed their graduation can give the IPCC exam directly.

The second career option is to pursue M.Com. The study program of this degree extends to 2 years. Another option is to pursue an MBA. The B.Com students can obtain the CMA, which is a global certification, after graduating. This certification is very useful for obtaining employment in top multinational corporations. This certification helps in demonstrating the professional expertise in the areas of decision support, financial planning, analysis, etc.

Comparison of the pass and honors courses in B.Com

The students can pursue either the honors’ course or the pass course in this degree. Although the eligibility conditions for both of them are same, there are certain differences between the two. The designing of the honors’ course is done for helping the students in developing skills related to business. Although the pass’ course is very similar to the honors’, the latter helps more in providing opportunities for employment. The cut-offs for the former is less as compared to honors. The former provides an overview of the subjects, whereas the latter provides in-depth information and specialization on subjects like economics and accounting. Additionally, the syllabus of honors’ course is more demanding as compared to that of pass’ course.