Full Form of ASR

Full Form of ASR

Automatic Speech Recognition

ASR Full Form is Automatic Speech Recognition. ASR is a technology that converts spoken text into written text in real time basis. ASR technology enables a computer to identify and understand the words a person speaks into a telecommunication devise such as microphone and convert those words into written text. ASR is the computer based; independent transcription software that is used for converting spoken language into readable text. It is a technology through which computer understand the word speak into a microphone by the person and then convert those words into written text.

The primary goal of this technology is to allow the computer to recognize the word in real time with 100% accuracy. Words are independent on the size of vocabulary, noise, speaker accent. Automatic Speech Recognition software is of two types (1) Direct dialogue conversations (2) Natural language conversation. It helps in customer interaction with the computer. It’s easy to use, flexible, and accurate and enables properly uses of resources. The ASR technique benefits the accessibility for the people hard of hearing and improved the searchable text capability. Moreover, the cost is reduced with the help of automation. Nowadays, many voice writers are utilizing this technology to produce the transcript in real time.


Working of ASR:

  1. Process start when the person decides what to say and start speaking. A sequence of words is created and then software produce waveform of speech, which embodies the sound and word of sentences into spoken input.
  2. Software decodes the speech into estimate sentence by the help of decoder.
  3. On the basis of duration of the speech signal, first, it converts the speech signal into a sequence of vector and at last by using proper decoder it converts all the proper sentences into written text.

Features of ASR:

Primary features of ASR include (1) Having large vocabulary, (2) Speaker independence, (3) Continuous speech capability.