Full Form of ASAP

Full Form of ASAP

As Soon As Possible

ASAP Full Form is As Soon As Possible. This term is used to emphasizing the urgency in completing a task. ASAP is often used in letters and official communications to tell the receiver to complete a task as quickly as possible. ASAP can indicate a sense of urgency though not necessarily grave in nature. It has joined the community of the most popular internet slangs in the world. The term ASAP is popular in both informal and formal settings. What is interesting about this acronym is that people use it as a word instead; something uncommon with other slangs. Evidently, it is sort of a direction that a particular activity is done with a reasonable time. It emphasizes the point that there should not be an unnecessary delay.

Full Form of ASAP
Full Form of ASAP


The origin of the acronym is said to be in the military. The first use of the term in any account is The Greatest Airlift in the year 1958. However, many sources claim that the first use of ASAP dates back to World War I. With time, ASAP has become deeply rooted in colloquial English and assumed great importance. It saves time! There are modified versions of ASAP currently in vogue. For example, ASAFP is a crass form of ASAP which stands for As Soon As Fucking Possible. It perhaps is indicative of imminent urgency accompanied by frustration. Well, internet slangs do not follow any rules so one is at complete liberty to modify them however and in whatever manner they want. Some examples regarding the use of ASAP are as follows:


  • Meera: Where are the account papers?
  • Susanne: They will be on your table in an hour.
  • Meera: An Hour? I want them ASAP!
  • Get me the rope ASAP!
  • Call me, ASAP.


How to use the abbreviation ASAP in official Communication?

For example, if you are writing an official letter to a person, you can use ASAP in the following manner: Dear Sir, As per our telephonic conversation, you are requested to collect the necessary documents and mail us ASAP. The abbreviation ASAP has different full forms and they are used in different fields. Mentioned here is the list of various possible full forms of ASAP along with their fields of application.