Full Form of AMIE

Full Form of AMIE

Associate Member of Institution of Engineers

AMIE Full Form is Associate Member of Institution of Engineers. AMIE is a degree level exam in the engineering field. This is recognized by the state and central governments as equivalent to B.Tech. or B.E. The AMIE course is as valid as BE and students who complete it have equal job opportunities. The attraction AMIE offers over BE is, it is a recognized degree course in engineering which can be taken as distant learning from any accredited university.


It does not demand classroom attendance. This facilitates several working people to take up further studies. Even students who are doing their Diploma courses are eligible to simultaneously do AMIE course provided he or she has completed HSC. AMIE is offered in all branches of studies including civil, chemical, mechanical, electronics, textile, production, mining, and more.

Full Form of AMIE
Full Form of AMIE


AMIE Full Form – Additional Information

The AMIE is basically an exam of degree level that is conducted in India in the field of engineering. It is recognized not only by the central government but also by the government of all states. The candidates who pass the exam of AMIE successfully are capable of obtaining higher education and equal job opportunities in both private as well as public sectors, just like those who hold the B.tech or BE degree.

The syllabus of AMIE is prepared by IE or Institutes of Engineers. This institute is the biggest multidisciplinary organization pertaining to engineers. It is also responsible for conducting the exam and issuing of the certificates. The AMIE is getting popular among the students. This is because it can be studied using the mode of distance education. The students are not required to attend the classes regularly, hence, any individual who fulfils the eligibility requirements can obtain the AMIE degree without spending too must investment and time. The course of this degree is highly suitable for those who are in full-time employment since postal classes are arranged by the institute.


Eligibility Requirements for AMIE

There are certain eligibility requirements which must be fulfilled by individuals in order to get admission into the AMIE. He or she should have passed class twelfth board exam or higher secondary certificate exam, and must have obtained at least forty five percent marks in it. They must have math, chemistry and physics as their main subjects. Alternatively, he or she can have a poly-technique diploma in any engineering field. In this case, there is no restriction on marks.


The students who are pursuing this degree after completing their diploma course are referred to as the Diploma stream students. The rest of them are called non-diploma stream students. Those who have obtained a diploma through distance education are also eligible to get admission into this course, provided the distance education mode is recognized by the AICTE. No experience certificate is needed for admission. The individuals holding the BE or the B.tech degree can also join the AMIE course.


AMIE Joining Procedure

The procedure of getting admission in AMIE is quite simple. The membership of AMIE is obtained in accordance with the educational qualification of an individual. The membership is of two kinds, which are T or Technician membership and ST or Senior Technician membership. The candidates who possess an engineering diploma or its equivalent are eligible for the ST memberships. For those who have passed the higher secondary exam can get the T membership.


The candidates need to download the membership form for joining AMIE and obtaining its membership. When the form is completely filled, the educational qualifications, as well as photographs, are required to the verified by a supporting party. This party may include any person with FIE or MIE or AMIE grade. Thus, the documents needed by a candidate include attested copies of the proof of age, diploma’s provisional certificate, registration fee, 2 photographs of passport size, and higher secondary certificate.


Sections of the AMIE exam

There are two sections in the AMIE. These are section A and B. The subjects covered in section A include engineering math, engineering graphics and drawing, mechanical science, informatics and computing, fundamental concepts of manufacturing and design, electrical science, instrumentation, engineering chemistry and physics, environment and society and material engineering and science.


Those students who pass the section A successfully can enter into the level of section B. In this, several engineering branches are available for the students to choose. These branches are production, metallurgical and mining, communication, and electronics, computer science, chemical, textile, mining, mechanical, civil, architectural, etc. There are 9 subjects in each branch which are required to be studied by the student. Out of these, six are compulsory, and the remaining three are electives. The students can select their optional subject themselves.


Exam Details of the AMIE Course

The exams of AMIE are held in June as well as December every year. At a time, a student can appear in four subjects only. If he or she does not pass in a subject, the exam of that subject can be given till it is passed. All students, both of ST and T memberships are eligible to appear in the exam. The fee for appearing in the exam is two thousand rupees. This applies for those who appear in the centres located in India. For those who appear outside the country, a fee of one hundred and fifty dollars is applicable. A list of exam centres is provided from which a student can select from his or her choice. The admit cards can be downloaded from the website itself. They are not sent to any address. The students need to bring the membership card and admit card for gaining entrance into the exam hall.