Full Form of BMS – Career Options for BMS graduates

Full Form of BMS

Bachelor of Management Studies

BMS Full Form is Bachelor of Management Studies. BMS is an inclusive career-oriented, and focused course that is offered to the students of management at the undergraduate level. Most universities and colleges across the globe have included this course in their study curriculum and brochure. The course is mainly focused on the factor of organizational management with special emphasis on customer dealing.


This undergraduate course is mostly functioned as an option to produce professionals who have already gained expertise in management even before starting their careers. The study module and curriculum involve various aspects of management which include business management, financial management, economic management, understanding of human resources, a behavioral approach to customers and clients, law and policy, strategy building, etc.

The course extensively focuses on all these aspects, and thus, it helps the students to have a better, developed idea about organizational structure and management. The course hugely increases the employability skills of the students. Students of BMS are prepared for highly valued and attractive careers throughout the various fields of job across the globe. Most of the institutions offer its students with placement opportunities. They offer internships, opportunities to study abroad and sometimes they offer job placements. So undoubtedly, BMS is considered as a leading and preferred learning course that enables the students to enhance their opportunities in job sectors.

Full Form of BMS
Full Form of BMS

BMS Full Form – Additional Information

All over the world, numerous universities offer undergraduate programs for studying management. This program is known as the BMS or Bachelor of Management Studies. The study program of this course extends to three years. The course is segmented into 6 semesters, and each semester consists of practical as well as theoretical sessions. The focus of the program lies in generating trained and expert management professionals for the international market.


The course also aids the students in understanding the working of organizations, their management, and their interaction with the environments of global and domestic nature. The course of the BMS aids the students in building a strong foundation in the management of human resources and organizational behavior. The electives help in developing an in-depth knowledge in specific fields of interest. These optional subjects are discussed later in this article.


Eligibility and Admission of BMS Course

Those students who have passed the higher secondary exam, and have specialized in any field related to commerce, science or arts can enter into the study program of BMS. They must have obtained at least forty five percent marks in their class twelfth exam. There are some universities and colleges where the admission is based on the score obtained by the candidates in the entrance exams that are carried out for the same. The Mumbai University, for example, conducts such an exam, which is known as CCEE or centralized common entrance exam. The marks obtained in these exams also come under the eligibility requirements for getting admission.


At the start of every academic year, the colleges and universities offering the study programs of BMS publish notices for admission in the program. These notifications include details of the exam conducted by them in the admission process. The candidates are required to submit the completed application forms. These forms can be obtained from the university’s official websites. A small fee is taken from the candidates before the forms are collected. For avoiding problems in the admission procedure, it is essential to fill these forms correctly.


Program Structure of BMS

In the 1st as well as the 2nd year of the study program, a large variety of subjects is offered to the students for making them understand the role played by the main disciplines of business. The subjects include accounting, management of information and operations, marketing, business laws, microeconomics, management of human resources, etc. Some of these subjects are described below:



This subject offers an introduction to the essential skills of management used in leading, structuring, planning and controlling an organization. It helps in training the students to diagnose the various organizational as well as managerial cases and suggest suitable solutions for the same.


Management of human resources

The main principles involved in the efficient management of people in the international enterprises form the main focus of this subject. The students obtain ample practice in the fields like employee relations, employment law, international human resource management and analysis of jobs.


Organizational Behaviour

This subject discusses the various elements involved in the organizational structure. The topics include teamwork, motivation, organizational culture, leadership, decision making, etc.


Organizational Strategy

The strategic conditions and the utilization of the tools of the analytical nature for evaluating the position of a firm in the industry are covered in the 1st half of the subject. The 2nd half deals with the different styles of management and their effects on corporate culture, organizational change and firm processes.


The first year of the study program of BMS shares common subjects, before allowing the students to begin their study on their selected specialization for enhancing their career. The optional, as well as dissertation modules, provide ample opportunities for focusing their minds on the fields of their interest. The optional courses provided in the study program of this undergraduate degree include managerial economics, entrepreneurship, and leadership, strategic management, banking strategy, global business, and accounting.



While undertaking the BMS study program, the students are required to do internships. This helps them in obtaining work experience and strengthening the essential strategies of businesses. These internships also help in developing the capabilities of adapting to the ever-changing environments of business. The following provides a list of jobs they can acquire in different fields for the internship.


  • Marketing: In this field, they can work as media planners, assistant of technical marketing and assistant brand manager.
  • Accountancy and Banking: The students can obtain the job of tax or audit trainees, mergers, treasury assistant, acquisitions analyst and international investment manager.
  • Information technology: In this field, they can do the job of project analyst and system analyst.
  • Management of Supply Chain:They can become an e-commerce specialist in this field.

Human Resources:In this, the students can become training coordinators and global recruitment consultant.

Career Options for BMS graduates

The degree of BMS is useful in numerous professions, especially those that relate to the core sector of business. In the last several years, more than sixty percent of the BMS graduates got engaged in the full-time employment, twenty-two percent got engaged in public management, industrial and commercial sectors, fourteen percent in the health sector, fourteen percent in retail and the rest in marketing. The following gives a list of the jobs for the BMS pass-outs:

Business analyst
Strategic Planning and Management
Finance Consulting


BMS Full Form : Building Management System

Full Form of BMS refers to Building Management System. BMS is also termed as Building Automation System. This is a control system which is computer-based. This is normally installed in various buildings to monitor and control electrical equipment like lighting, ventilation, fire and power systems, etc. It even governs the security system. BMS comprises of hardware and software. There are various benefits in using a BMS system. This includes; increased staff productivity, plant reliability, saving time, high rental value, individual tenant billing, identifying problems, and more.