Full Form of ALGOL

Full Form of ALGOL

Algorithmic Language

ALGOL Full Form is Algorithmic Language. ALGOL is among the topmost level programming languages designed especially for computer programming. Originally developed in 1950 as ALGOL 58 the language over the year was progressed and improvised in various versions like ALGOL 60 &ALGOL 68. It was designed to be used as a universal language by an international committee. It was the most important language of its time.ALGOL translates programming statements via algebra into machine code for programmes. ALGOL was the first programming language that gave detailed attention to formal language design and definition.


ALGOL for the first time block introduced structure i.e, an ability to create various blocks of statements for a range of variables and influence of control statements. ALGOL is considered to be the most important orthogonal programming language, having a smaller number of primary constructs and set of rules for combining these constructs. Every construct has a type linked to it.


ALGOL was mostly used by computer scientists in Europe and United Stated working in the field of research and development. ALGOL was not accepted commercially due to lack of Standard input/output facilities and the lack of interest by computer sellers in ALGOL. The language is used a standard method for over thirty years in textbooks and various academic books and sources.


There are three types of syntax in ALGOL 1) a reference syntax 2) a publication syntax, and3) an implementation syntax. These different syntaxes permitted to use different keyword names and conventions for different languages. Most of the modern computer programming languages are inspired by ALGOL.