Full Form of TCL

Full Form of TCL

Tool Command Language

TCL Full Form is Tool Command Language. TCL is a powerful and easy to learn scripting, a programming language developed by John Ousterhout. TCL gained acceptance over the period of years because of its usage and popularity. It is used for rapid prototyping, GUIs, testing & scripted applications. TCL can be used on several embedded systems platforms. Its applications are diverse one can use it for the web, desktop, networking, administration, testing etc. Tool Kit (Tk) is a related program of TCL, which helps to create and format a GUI with TCL.


This command language works on all modern operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX. TCL is string based language with a few object-oriented extensions. The various scripting languages such as Perl, Python, Lua, PHP, Ruby etc. are competitors of TCL. It also shares some similarities with the C language.


TCL is not statically typed; each variable can contain integers, strings, floats, list, dictionaries values, command names are reinterpreted as a type on demand the values, however, are absolute. TCL is a highly dynamic language and provides useful introspection facilities. It enables one to write efficient and elegant programs without any hindrance, unlike other programming languages.


Advantages of TCL

  1. Strong, well-tested codebase
  2. Unicode string enables international support
  3. Simple Syntax
  4. Fully dynamic, class-based system
  5. No reserved keywords
  6. Cross-platform availability: Mac, Unix, Windows
  7. The open and closed source use such as GPL because of the BSD license
  8. Community support with the help of wiki, chats or newsroom