Full Form of AGP

Full Form of AGP

Accelerated Graphics Port

AGP Full Form is Accelerated Graphics Port. It is basically a channel to connect the video card to a computer. It provides point to point communication to accelerate the 3 Dimensional (3D) computer graphics. Accelerated Graphics port is an advance port designed for high-speed video output. AGP presented a devoted point to point media that allows graphic controller straight access to the system. It was designed by Intel in 1997. The AGP is 32 bits wide and runs at 66 Mhz i.e., a total bandwidth of 266 mbps. It allows 3D textures to be stored in main memory and not in video memory.

AGP is available in three versions, the original version, AGP 2.0 and AGP 3.0. AGP 3.0 transfers data or video at double speed. The port is used to attach a graphic card to the computer motherboard. AGP accelerates 3D graphic output for videos of higher definitions. AGP provides higher connectivity and video output then PCI. AGP is basically used by designers for 3D games, High definition videos, applications and architectural graphics. Following are the features of AGP:


Graphics of higher definitions and good quality: The video output because of its high speed enhances the quality of the graphics on the computer. Hence, one can enjoy HD videos and play 3D games with the help of this port.


Smooth communication: An AGP provides smooth and direct communication between the processor and graphic card. It increases transfer rate by using RAM to copy the graphic data before reading them. It also continuously refreshes the display monitor screen to boost pixel powers. Hence the port enables working on heavy graphic file easier and simpler.


Flexible and Compatible: All types of AGP cards are compatible enough and can be connected with an AGP port.


The abbreviation AGP has different full forms that are used in different fields. Mentioned below are the full forms of AGP along with their fields of application.

Popular Full Form of AGP:

Accelerated Graphics Port
Advanced Graphics Port
Advanced Graphics Printer
Advanced Graphics Processor
Analysis Geometry Processor
Application Gateway Protocol
Adaptive Grooming Policy
Aircraft Grounded for Parts
Army Gateway Program
Abnormal Geopressure Prediction
Algal Growth Potential
Association of Gaming Professionals
Archives of General Psychiatry
Association of General Practitioners
Add Grace Period
Adjusted Gross Profit
Advantage Global Positioning
All Good People