Full Form of ACPI

Full Form of ACPI

Advanced Configuration and Power Interface

ACPI Full Form is Advanced Configuration and Power Interface. It is an open standard used in operating systems for hardware configuration and power management. It was originally developed by Microsoft, Intel, and Toshiba. Later, Phoenix and HP had also contributed to the development.


The abbreviation ACPI has different full forms which are used in different fields. Mentioned below are the full forms of ACPI along with their fields of application.

Popular Full Form of ACPI:

ACPI Full Form Field of Application

  1. Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
  2. Adaptive Color Plane Interpolation
  3. Accelerated Climate Prediction Initiative
  4. Advanced Control and Power Interface
  5. Audit Commission Performance Indicators
  6. Association of Career Professionals International
  7. Academy for Coaching Parents International
  8. Atlantic Canada Petroleum Institute
  9. American Crime Prevention Institute
  10. Aviation Crime Prevention Institute, Inc.
  11. Audit Commission Performance Indicators
  12. All Chips Permanently Incinerated