Deadly roads in Dubai – you must know

Diving in Dubai is not such an easy task. The busy roads of Dubai are always crowded with cars and buses. Sometimes driving on this busy road will get your blood pressure high. After having strict transportation rules and regulations, careless driving in the city of Dubai keeps on causing different accidents. 

Some of the roads in Dubai city are busier at some particular period and are more likely to cause accidents. Being in an accident could bring harm to your vehicle, or more dangerous, a death toll. If you are taking a rented car from Luxury Car Hire Dubai, make sure that you are not getting hurt on these dangerous roads.

One stays careful while driving on roads known for being dangerous. 

Here are some of the topmost unsafe roads, and ways to stay safe when commuting.

These are some of the unsafe roads in Dubai for driving. 

Emirates Road

Emirates Road is one of the most unsafe rank position roads in Dubai, and also one of the maximum numbers of a serious accident that happens on this road. It is crowded with people driving towards Sharjah city. This road is also known as E611.

Dubai-Al Ain Road

It is also a crowded area highway that is connected to Dubai and Al Ain road. As this is a highway, speed is at its peak here. Obviously, in addition to the fact that you should stay away from overspeeding under any conditions, it is prescribed that you give access to such vehicles while practicing restriction yourself. This road is known as E66.

Al Khail Road

Al Khail Road is another busy road in Dubai. This road is connected to Dubai to Hatta and the same road connects to Oman. This road is a long-distance road. This is also an unsafe and crowded road for traveling. Many dangerous accidents and death cases are reported on this road while traveling. This road is known as E44.

Sheikh Zayed Road

Sheikh Zayed Road is a highway in Dubai. It is also one of the deadly roads in Dubai where several accidents and death cases have happened. This is also the busiest road in Dubai city. While driving on this road, you should always keep an eye on the speed limit under any condition to avoid accidents. It is known as E11.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road

Accidents and death cases are huge on this road. We can consider after the Emirates road one of the most dangerous roads in Dubai is Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed road. This road has more than 6 lanes and is connected towards the Dubai to Sharjah border. While traveling on this road, always maintain a speed limit to avoid accidents. It is particularly known as E311.

How to stay safe on these roads

To avoid traffic violations Dubai government has made several laws. There are several plans and policies made for preventing drunk driving, crossing light, and staying within the driving speed limit.

It should be noticed that a police officer was repeatedly saying that the quantity of accidents has been lessening since a year ago. This can be credited to stricter security control and efforts by the police to expand awareness about the safety of the road.

It is up to the driver how they drive. Always try to avoid driving while you are sleepy and drunk and always follow the traffic rules. While driving be alert on the streets.


A few streets in Dubai are particularly risky. Simultaneously, given their essential significance, you basically can’t bear to dodge them. So make sure that you are driving safely.