Complete Guide to App Development Cost by App Type

As the mobile app is one of the major reasons for any business growth, a leading business might love to invest in such a profitable outcome but, what could be holding them back? It is the involved costing in the process. Well, not every app development cost you a ton and there are numerous options to choose from depending on the features one would like to add in!

What’s Changing in the App Industry?

Mobile apps were not so popular earlier but today, we live in an era where there are mobile apps for every mere thing including grocery shopping, medicine delivery, etc. Today apps are a part of our everyday life. It is increasingly giving us major convenience goals, depending on what you choose.

Calculating App Cost by App Type

Calculating the app cost can be based on the type of app you wish to choose. Another aspect is the features stuffed in the mobile app. Let’s check how much your app will cost-

  • No Network Access Apps

These are standalone apps that operate without server components or apps that do not require any network to function. Though these aren’t very common but can be a useful one if a business is targeting an audience that faces low internet connectivity.

Type of App- Standalone

Costing- Less than $50,000

Examples of Such Apps- Calculator, Camera, Clock, etc.

  • Data Consumption Apps

These applications do require network connectivity but solely consume data. In simple terms, they do not require any sort of authentication or login to work. Though most of the apps today work on a login basis data consumption apps still exist.

Type of App- Data Consumption

Costing- $50,000– $100000

Examples of Such Apps- Calendar, Weather, Socks

  • User Authentication Apps

Once you wish to include login and signup options in the app, it gets expensive. The major reasons for getting higher is cost are the other features which are involved with it. They include features such as syncing data across devices, push notifications, etc.

Type of App- User Authentication

Costing- $100000 — $300000

Examples of Such Apps- ESPN, Bible App, Google Drive, etc.

  • Social Networking Apps

Social media is driving the world by storm. There are numerous social media-inspired apps today including the leading names of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. Though many of the listed apps have been nurtured over the years and finally are leading the space. While each app is having different features, the cost varies. If you wish to have a social media integrated app with different features, do have a feature stack ready for yourself!

Type of App- Social Networking

Costing- $150000 — $500000

Examples of Such Apps- Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, etc.

  • Ecommerce Apps

One of the most popular variants is the eCommerce mobile apps with similar features to one of user authentication applications. The major difference being, these are powered by a product catalog. Some other aspects include that the users add products, they require to check out and perform the payment. Ecommerce app should be well integrated with a payment gateway such as stripe, Braintree, Authorize, etc.

Type of App- Ecommerce, Transactional Apps

Costing- $200000 — $1000000

Examples of Such Apps- Amazon, Myntra, Walmart, eBay, Nykaa, etc.

Final Thoughts

Many android app development company in San Jose have implemented the method of app cost calculator to find out the accurate costing of the mobile application. Though the costing provided above is subject to vary a bit depending on the extras you wish to add-in. Find the best-suited app development company for your business and get started.