Advantages of Vector Graphics

Advantages of Vector Graphics

Vector art is used widely in graphic design projects. When compared to raster images, vector graphics have many advantages. In all sizes, vector images are scalable, lightweight, and of high quality.

Vector images (graphics) are based on mathematical computations, as the name suggests. In a vector image, each line is made up of points connected by lines. The height, distance, proportion, ratio, and curve of these lines are all clearly defined. They can be shown in any setting.

In this post, I cover the advantages of vector graphics in detail. 

1. Scalability

The most significant advantage of vector drawings is their scalability. You can scale vector graphics to any size without losing quality. A single drawing may be printed on a piece of paper or used on billboards.

Since vector designs can be scaled to any size, they are recommended for designs such as logos, which are used in a number of ways. Designers often want their drawings to be portable so that they can be used in a variety of mediums. Your image’s usability will improve as a result of this.

However, there are a few drawbacks. Fine lines and minute details will be lost if the vector picture is shrunk too much. On the other hand, super-enlarged images will highlight minor defects.

2. Image quality

As previously stated, image quality is a key selling point for vector graphics. Vector images vary from bitmap images in that they can be built and expanded without fear of losing quality. When you resize bitmap images, they usually become jagged. A bitmap image cannot be enlarged beyond its pixel size.

3. Lightweight

Vector files contain fewer details than pixel files (such as a picture taken by a phone or digital camera).

They only contain a set of coordinates rather than more complex details, such as the thousands, if not millions, of pixels in a digital image.

4. Web Friendly

Another appealing feature of vector drawings is their smaller file size. Smaller files can be downloaded over the internet. These photos load more easily. This means that visitors to your website will be able to see the whole picture in just a few seconds. You can use tools like Photoshop to resize the image if you want it to look smaller.

5. Simple to Reuse

You can easily create an object, replicate it, and transfer it around the canvas with vector graphics. You can also take an object and repeat it forever, producing several copies of it quickly and easily.

You can also make copies of an entity that shift in response to the original’s transformations. Finally, you can easily copy or export any drawing or composition aspect to another vector composition.

6. Realistic and Precise

Drawings created with vector graphics can appear very realistic and precise. Scientific diagrams, technical sketches, blueprints, maps, charts, and data graphs are a few examples.

Since vector software allows you to control an object down to the millimeter, this is possible. You can manipulate it mathematically by shifting it across coordinates, along vertical and horizontal axes, and bending it.

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