Choosing the best schools in pune city for your child—5 tips you cannot overlook

Providing quality education has always been the top priority of every parent. With new Pune preschool growing rapidly, along with secondary and primary schools—it has become quite difficult to search for the best school that will fit your child. 

When it comes to the question of selecting the best school, of course, education holds the prime criterion. But there are several important factors that we cannot overlook. In many cases, parents overlook these indispensable criteria only to end up in a messy situation.

Extracurricular activities and academic excellence

Everything that toddler experiences and learns in his early days will stay with him throughout his life. As a parent, you need to ensure that the school you select meets the standard of excellence from the aspect of its teachers, academic curriculum, teaching methodology, and moral standards. Moreover, the extracurricular activities should include hobby ideas, art and craft, team sports, outdoor games, dance, and drama classes—it plays a vast role in shaping the overall personality development of children.


Do not enroll your kids in schools in pune city located far away from your residence. Certainly, it creates a security issue. But there can also be issues regarding his discomfort due to the extreme journey on a regular basis.

Student to teacher ratio

None of the parents would like to send their children to such a school that has a student-teacher ratio of 60:1 per class. International schools like the Global Indian International School simply limits the student number up to 20 per class. 

When there is a perfect balance in the student-teacher ratio, teachers have the freedom to give individual attention to all the pupils present in the classroom. Therefore, it helps in optimizing the learning capabilities of students.

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Cleanliness and hygienic factors

Hygiene and cleanliness should be given massive priority when it involves children. As a parent, even before you take a step further for the admission of your child in a specific school, take time to visit the campus and observe the cleanliness factor. Also, do not forget to find out about the medical emergency services available for children.


This factor holds added significance in today’s society in light of the fact that we tend to see this so little among the kids of today’s generation. Selecting a school with strict discipline is certainly vital because it will help in imbibing the right values in your child so that he can take responsibility for his actions. Several research cases have shown that schools failing to provide a relaxed environment leads to a decline in the learning and understanding capabilities of children. 

Ending note

While the education standard still remains one of the four most essential criteria, chances for developing your child’s physical, creative and social skills is the key attribute that should lean similar importance. If you want to know about the best schools in Pune city, the Global Indian International School tops the list.