Essential Clothing to Add into Your Winter Wardrobe

We’d be lying if we claimed winter wasn’t also one of our favourite times of year. The holiday season is a great time to buy wholesale fabric and rethink your closet and make some significant changes to ensure you are well-equipped for the colder months ahead. You need to choose some fabric suppliers in India to buy the most suitable fabric. More often than not, though, people equate winter wear with dowdy sweaters and jumpers that only serve to further dampen one’s spirits in the already dismal climate. The epidemic has diminished the appeal of getting dressed up, but it shouldn’t bring you down. We like sundresses as much as the next person, but we’re also big fans of cosy sweaters. So why not add some old-fashioned joy to your wardrobe by taking a look at the current fall/winter fashion trends?

Winter wear trends for 2022

Winter clothes, contrary to common belief, may be stylish. You may be sceptical that a bulky sweater can be styled in a manner that makes it seem hip, but you’d be pleasantly pleased at how simple it is. Because the weather is changing, now is the time to put your best fashion foot forward with pieces that are both practical and stylish for the next season. Fortunately, this year’s trends are already well established, so we’ve picked out some of our favourite pieces that you can start wearing right away—especially as the colder months approach.

Chunky knits

I know the first thing you’re thinking of when I say “chunky knits” is an ugly Christmas sweater or jumper, but that ain’t it at all. These days, everyone seems to be wearing bulky sweaters. The British Olympic gold medalist crocheted a cosy for his medals, which sent shockwaves over the internet. Everyone wants to learn how to knit and wear bulky sweaters right now. You can’t go wrong wearing this top with a miniskirt, high-rise pants, or even simply on its own. Plus, you’ll be toasty and cosy in it.

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Even if you reside in a region with mild winters, you still need a sweater when the temperature drops below freezing. Sweaters with varying necklines and hem lengths fall under this category. Nothing bad to report at the moment. Pick the ones that complement your own taste the most.

Thermal innerwear

Even if you reside in a region with mild winters, you still need a sweater when the temperature drops below freezing. Sweaters with varying necklines and hem lengths fall under this category. It’s all okay at this point. Figure out which ones complement your own taste the most and buy them.


Keep in mind how much we detested turtlenecks when we were young. Now, however, we can hardly wait for the cooler months so that we may don our turtlenecks and flaunt a suave winter style. Put on a heavy coat or jacket and a strong turtleneck you got for less.

Puffer jacket

Puffer coats have replaced leather ones as the epitome of elegance and sophistication. When you leave the home, they will keep the bitter cold at bay.


If you already have something in your closet, then there’s no need to get new ones this year. This winter, instead of opting for darker tones, choose neutral tones that will go with your coats.


As far as fashion is concerned, mufflers are timeless. You may wear them with any of your winter outfits and still stand out. It does more than only keep the cold out; it also improves your style.

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Long coats

Long coats are increasingly associated with the winter season rather than just snowfall. Dressing like Sherlock Holmes in a long black coat is still a great way to look stylish in winter.


Winter dresses or outfits are not just for comfort but also to make you relax and comfy. With the right type of winter clothing you could make it stylish and trendy. Pair a sweater or jacket or knit wear with right jeans or pants and ready to slay your look. If you are planning to change your wardrobe for the winter season then the above -mentioned outfits are just for you. Yet if you are unable to find the right fabric for your next sewing project then the team of fabriclore has a solution for you. To resolve the issue of hustle during wholesale fabric purchasing, we have established a network of fabric vendors. Our network includes a wide range of fabric suppliers in India that are providing endless possibilities of textile