St. Patrick’s Day Female Costumes

St. Patrick’s Day Female Costumes

Who says that St. Patrick’s Day costumes have to be boring or predictable? For a woman that wants to get noticed, there are plenty of sexy costumes out there to consider. You will find plenty of options regardless of what type of character you would like to be for the celebrations. Going in costume is more fun than showing up in your regular day to day clothing.


Sequin St Patrick's Day Dress
Sequin St Patrick’s Day Dress
St Patricks Day Irish Costume Front
St Patricks Day Irish Costume Front


The fairy is a magical character that works perfectly as a costume for St. Patrick’s Day. You can find costumes that are sparkly and offered in a variety of different  colors. Some simple accessories including wings will help you to complete the look.

Sexy Fairy Costume Saint Patrick's Day
Sexy Fairy Costume Saint Patrick’s Day


Who says that a great looking Leprechaun costume has to be boring?There are plenty of sexy looks for a woman to consider. A white top with a short green shirt and white leggings is perfect. A green wand with a shamrock on the top of it can’t be beat!

Women's Leprechaun St. Patrick's Day
Women’s Leprechaun St. Patrick’s Day

If you dare to go almost bare, you can wear a bikini style of top that is green in color. It allows the belly region of the body to be open for viewing. If you have a great body to show off, this is a type of St. Patrick’s Day costume you may want to buy.

Sexy Good Luck Charm Pretty Saint Patty Costume Lucky Lass Adult Costume Sexy Leprechaun with Hat
Sexy Good Luck Charm Pretty Saint Patty Costume Lucky Lass Adult Costume Sexy Leprechaun with Hat

Irish Lass

Wearing a short green and white dress is the perfect costume for any woman on St. Patrick’s Day. This type of costume offers the chance to be both sexy and seductive at the same time. If you are going to a celebration with a man, he can be a great looking Leprechaun to perfectly match your own outfit.

Sexy Irish Leprechaun St Patricks Day
Sexy Irish Leprechaun St Patrick’s Day

Not everyone is comfortable in a short dress, but you don’t need to worry. There are Renaissance dresses that can transform you into an Irish Lass. They are long and offer a traditional style for that period of time.

Irish Vixen

If you want to allow your bad girl side to cut loose for St. Patrick’s Day, consider a sexy Irish Vixen costume. Some will find this to be the ultimate gamble too because there are such costumes with dice and roulette numbers on the skirt. A small golden hat completes the look.

Lady In Green Slip Dress Sailor
Lady In Green Slip Dress Sailor

Choosing a sexy St. Patrick’s Day costume will get you plenty of attention as you are celebrating the event. This is the perfect opportunity to break free from your normal routine. Any one of these costumes will be terrific for your night of celebrating. There are also plenty of accessories such as hats, wigs and shoes to customize your costume and achieve just the look you want.