Shiv Puja – Shiv Mantra – Shiv Puja Benefits

Those who love Lord Shiva and wish to articulate their spirituality, make it a point to perform customary ‘Shiv Puja’. It’s a ‘puja’, which involves love, respect and the sheer desire to please Lord Shiva.
It’s a ‘puja’, which involves love, respect and the sheer desire to please Lord Shiva.Serious devotees of Lord Shiva plunge themselves into various auspicious rituals that fill the entire sacrament.Every worshipper of Lord Shiva prepares himself or herself to foray into the spiritual ceremony, which is indigenously capable of cleansing the soul of everyone, who strongly believes in worship.

Worshippers embellish the idol of Lord Shiva; present Him with fruits, flowers and leaves of wild trees and proceed with holy verse, which is popularly referred as ‘Aarti

’. Moreover, as worshippers continue their Shiv Puja, they recollect various mythological events that are associated with
Lord Shiva and contemplate on varied innate traits of Lord Shiva that make Him one of the most unique gods of the Hindu religion. Lord Shiva’s furious trait that appears to be well described in Yajurved is worshipped to mellow down His fierce mood.

On the other hand, people worship His famous aspect (because of which people call Him ‘Neelkanth’) in order to remain well protected from the poisons of the world. And as the devotees muse over Lord Shiva’s ‘mahaamrityunjaya’ form on Mahashivratri, they find themselves emboldened as well as the free from the scare of death. The defeat that Lord Shiva gave to death is something that easily comes to mind whenever we find ourselves deep into the state of mind that marks Shiv Puja.


Also, the fervor of Lord Shiva’s ‘Tandav’ dance easily seeps into the Shiv Puja, if the devotee makes sure to contemplate upon that highly exhilarated mood of Lord Shiva. Many devotees worship Lord Shiva for His trait of being tenderhearted. And through this, they earn His blessings and grace. Many hymns and verses also form an essential part of Shiv Puja and they keep ringing in the ears of interested listeners even after they are through with their puja. Thus, make it a point to enjoy the entire spiritual aspect associated with Shiva Puja. In this way, the blessings of dear Shiva will undoubtedly come your way.