Shiv bhajans – Shiv Amritwani – Shiv ji ke bhajan

Shiv Bhajans are those holy symphonies that enter into the worship mode of every devotee of Lord Shiva. They are the best ways to express the innermost feelings of a devotee. And, they are the means

through which earnest devotees always feel themselves attached to their dear Lord Shiva.Moreover, it is the bhajans on Lord Shiva that promise to keep the worshippers on an all-time spiritual mode. They consist of heartfelt lyrics that give voice to the deep emotions of the lovers of Lord Shiva. Lots of Lord Shiva bhajans contain the mention of ‘damru’, the favorite musical instrument of Lord Shiva. The ‘dama-dama’ sound of ‘damru’ creates a vehement effect that in no time brings the devotees into the groove of Shiv Bhajans. By incorporating the three words –“Om Namah Shivaaya” into the lyrics of Shiv Bhajans, devotees pay honor to their reverent Lord Shiva.


Moreover, Shiva bhajans also seem to be replete with numerous names of Lord Shiva. As we sing Shiv bhajans, we find ourselves chanting some of the famous names, with which we love to address Him. ‘Shiv Shankar’, ‘Bhole Nath’ and ‘Mahadev’, ‘Maheshwar’, ‘Shiv Shambhoo’—are the names that can be easily spotted on the mouths of every earnest worshipper of Lord Shiva, especially when they are completely engrossed in the sacred songs, which we call bhajans. And apart from crooning Lord Shiva’s names, worshippers shower their Lord Shiva with loads of praise. They implore Him to grace them with His generous nature.

Below are some of the bhajans that the devotees of Lord Shiva every now and then sing to please their lord:

Bhola Naathha Hare Jagadeesha
Shaileshwara Hara Uma Mahesha
Bhola Naathha Hare Jagadeesha
Bhava Bhaya Haari Hey Tripuraari
Shiva Gangaadhara Sai Muraari
Bhola Naath Bhola Naath
Sai Naath Sai Naath

(In this bhajan, worshippers address Lord Shiva as “Bhava Bhaya Haari”, for Shiva is the god whose name wards off all sorts of fears from the hearts of every devotee. When worshippers croon the name “Gangadhara”, they implore Him to pacify them just like He had pacified the holy River Ganga.)