How to Make Natural Organic Colours For Holi At Home

How to Make Natural Organic Colours For Holi At Home (Black, Yellow, Green, Red) : Making organic colours for Holi festival is very easy process you just need to buy some Material from market for this and within an hour you will prepare the colours for the holi fesitval which will be not a bit harmful for your skin and easily remove able without impacting your skin badly. I will tell the recipe of making 4 major colour which we must use to celebrate the holi festival. To prepare every colour you have to collect a different material. So first read this article properly so that you don’t make any mistake while making the Natural Organic Colours For Holi At Home.

Best Places to Buy  Organic Colours
Best Places to Buy Organic Colours


Process to Make Black Organic Colour Using Amla For Holi 

To prepare the black colour you have to collect the Amla in a sufficient quantity and put the amla in the water before a day of Holi so that water can absorb all the colour of Amla. Although you can also use the grapes of black colour or Jamun and take out the juice of them to produce the black colour for Holi festival but it will be quite costly for you so the Amla is the better choice for the black organic colour.

Make your own natural Colors this Holi
Make your own natural Colors this Holi

Preparation of Yellow organic colour For Holi using Haldi & Besan

Mix the Haldi & Besan in the ratio of 1:2 to make a healthy colour for our skin. Mixing them will give you the dry colour but if you want the wet colour then you can add haldi to water and boil it until it give you a sharp Yellow colour so by using this method you can prepare both dry and wet yellow color organically.

Now Make Green Colour For Holi Using Heena, Mehandi

Make a powder of Mehandi leaves to get the green colour in the dry form for holi. If you wont be able to arrange the mehandi then you can use any of the green vegetables to make organic Green colour. For the wet Green colour make a paste using green vegetable or Mehandi and dissolve it in the water.

Make Red Colour organically by using the Sandal Wood powder

Mix you red colour sandal wood powder in the water to get the wet colour organically or let it dry to use the powder colour.

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