Home Remedies To Cure Nail Fungal Infections

Nails are the result of extension growth of the skin. Any part of our body can be subject todiseasebut mostly our toe fingers and fingernails get easily affected by any type of fungal infection. We know nails should be kept infection-free as they contribute to further digestive disorders. In the salons, we are at higher risk to acquire the infection if staff failed to sterilizedequipment.Toenails get affected morecompared to the fingernails as shoes that we wear to provide a moist and dry environment which results in the growth of fungus. Such infections can mostlybe diagnosed by individuals. The color of the nail changes a bit appearing scrappy. To outgrow infection many ointments flourishing in markets anti nail fungal products, nail fungus cream India, lotions, etc. Here we shall discuss some remedies to get rid of it

Methods for treating Nail Fungus:

  • GARLIC:Mostly in use ingredient to cure fungal infections is garlic. It has antifungal and antimicrobial properties. By placinggarlicin the choppedform in nailsfor about 35-40 minutes. Some people are allergic to the smell of garlic, so they can use capsules made up of garlic.
  • OREGANO OIL: It acts against fungi and bacteria to inhibit their growth. It can be subject to application by putting it on cotton and applying it to the nails affected. It should be noted that using it thrice a day for two weeks could cure the nails.
  • TEA TREE OIL: Tea Tree Oil has antiseptic and antifungal properties. By using a cotton swab of tea tree oil to the affected area of the nails can be effective to cure the infection.
  • VINEGAR: Vinegar is the most effective way to treat fungal infections. It can be used by soaking cotton in vinegar and applying it to the affected area twice a day daily to get good results.
  • SNAKEROOT EXTRACT: It is the most naturalantifungal plant which is the best effective way to cure nail fungal infection. By applying to the affected areas of the nails with gap days it has proved to be the best medication.
  • NUTRIENTS: Nutrients are highly essential to cure any kind of fungal infection. High protein content in the diet can lead to regrowth of the nail.Having iron-rich foods which prevent the growth of brittle nails. Foods efficiently rich in vitamin D and calcium can be highly beneficial for consumption.
  • SEA SALT BATHS: Sea Salt baths are used since ancient times to treat bacterial and fungal infections. By soaking the affected area in the mixture of water and salt for 15-20 minutes and drying it thoroughly could inhibit the growth of the fungus.
  • VAPOR RUB: It is a type of topical ointment.Applying it to the affected fingernails and toe fingers at least twice a day could cure the disease.
  • OZONIZED OILS: These oils contain ozone gas as one of the components. It is used to kill microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and yeast. To use this remedy apply it to the affected area once a day for few days to treat fungus.

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