Full Form of Windows XP

Full Form of Windows XP

XP – eXPerience

In Windows XP Full Form, XP stands for eXPerience. Windows XP is an operating system designed for the personal computers and developed by Microsoft. Here, XP stands for Experience. This system was developed and released as a part of the operating systems family named Windows NT. The code for Windows XP is Whistler. The development of this operating system started in the late 1990s. Microsoft released Windows XP to manufacturing on 24th August 2001 and it was released for sale on the retail basis on 25th October 2001. It used the underpinnings of Windows NT.


The significant introduction made by Windows XP was the introduction of an effectively redesigned user interface depending on the graphical base. It had a totally different outlook from that of the previous versions of Windows. Effects of alpha composing, visual enhancements and drop shadows were used extensively in this OS. According to usage based on the number of supported processors, two versions of Windows XP were available. Home edition supported only one processor while the Professional edition supported two processors.


Three SPs ( Service Packs ) were released for Windows XP. These were SP 1, SP 2, and SP 3. It was the first version of Windows that enforced some system regarding copyright infringement. It introduced the system of product activation. It became a widely used and immensely popular OS within few years of its release. Microsoft ceased the sales of Windows XP’s licenses to the OEMs ( Open Equipment Manufacturers ) on 30th June 2008.


Mainstream support for this OS ended on 14th April 2009. Extended support for this OS ended on 8th April 2014. Windows Vista was the immediate successor of Windows XP. It is still used in large numbers in many parts of the globe especially in Asia and Africa.