Full Form of UPS

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Full Form of UPS

United Parcel Service

UPS Full Form is United Parcel Service. UPS is the largest provider of solutions related to supply chain management and package delivery system of the world. The headquarters of this company is in Sandy Springs, situated in Georgia. More than fifteen million packages are delivered by the UPS every day to nearly six million people in more than two hundred territories and countries along the globe. The nickname of the UPS is ‘Brown’ since it is known for its brown uniforms and delivery trucks. An air cargo and airline delivery service are also operated by the company itself. Its base is in Louisville, situated in Kentucky.


The primary business of the UPS consists of the timely delivery of documents and packages throughout the world. The service portfolio of this company is extended to supply chain services. There are three segments to which the operations of UPS are reported. These are Freight and Supply Chain operations, International Package operations and US Domestic Package operations.

Full Form of UPS
Full Form of UPS

Freight and Supply Chain

The UPS-SCS or the UPS Supply Chain Solutions consists of UPS Freight, contract logistics, and forwarding operations. The logistics and forwarding business of the UPS operate in more than one hundred and seventy-five territories and countries worldwide. It also consists of worldwide mail services, freight distribution, and forwarding, supply chain design, customs brokerage, management and execution. TL or Truckload and LTL or Less than Truckload services are also provided by the UPS Freight to the customers in the US.


US Domestic Package

The operations involved in the US Domestic package include the timely delivery of packages, documents and letters throughout the US.


International Package

The operations of International Package involve delivery to at least two hundred territories and countries. It also does distribution and shipment outside the US.