Full Form of TVS – History of TVS – Suzuki Partnership

Full Form of TVS :

Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundaram Iyengar

TVS Full Form refers to TV Sundaram Iyengar Motor Company. TVS Stands for the founder of the company Thirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundaram Iyengar. TVS is the 3rd largest company in India that manufactures 2 wheelers. It is also among the top 10 in the world. The annual revenue of the company is over Rs.10Cr. in 2014-2015. Currently, the company makes series of two-wheelers ranging from Apex series motorcycles, Phoenix 125, to Scooty Streak to various Mopeds.

The TVS Motor is among the biggest manufacturers of two-wheelers in India. It is a part of the primary TVS Group. The total worth of this group was six billion dollars, as of the year 2015. The business of the TVS Group extends to multiple areas like services, investment, housing, energy, education, automotive, textiles, logistics, insurance, finance, electronics, and aviation. The TVS Motor Company manufactures more than three million vehicles every year. It sells more than two million units annually. In India, it is among the biggest exporters, and it exports its products to more than sixty nations.

Full Form of TVS
Full Form of TVS

The TVS Motor is the biggest company as per the turnover and size. Its customer base consists of more than three crore customers. The head office of TVS Motors is present in Chennai. It owns four plants for manufacturing two-wheelers and one plant for manufacturing three-wheelers. Its revenue was more than one billion dollars during the year 2015. Its operating income and profit during the same year were sixty-six million dollars and forty-nine million dollars respectively. Its total assets amount to more than seven hundred million dollars.

History of TVS

TV Sundaram laid the foundations of the TVS. In the year 1911, he introduced the 1st bus service in Madurai and established a company known as TV Sundaram and Sons Ltd. This company was engaged in the business of transportation and had a large number of buses and trucks. The company progressed further after the year 1955 when his sons made investments in the manufacture of tires and two wheelers, insurance, and finance. More than ninety companies are operated by this group presently.

In the year 1962, TV Sundaram and Sons Ltd formed Sundaram Clayton with Clayton Holdings. This company was responsible for manufacturing compressors, exhausts, brakes and numerous additional parts. A factory was established by it at Hosue in the year 1978 and was used to make mopeds. This plant introduced the 1st two-seater moped in the markets of India. It was called TVS 50. A joint venture was formed between Suzuki, the automobile giant of Japan and Sundaram Clayton in the year 1982. In the year 1984, it began producing motorcycles commercially.

Suzuki Partnership

A relationship shared between the Suzuki, and TVS lasted for nineteen years. The primary focus of this relationship lied at the transfer of technology so that two-wheelers can be designed and manufactured for the markets in India. It was renamed as TVS-Suzuki. Numerous models were purchased by it, which includes Fiero, Shogun, and Samurai. The TVS separated itself from this relationship in the year 2001. The name given after this event was TVS Motors. A moratorium period was also held by Suzuki for thirty months, according to which it did not venture into the markets in India during this thirty-month period.

Characteristics of TVS

The 1st company known for using catalytic converters on a motorcycle of 100 cc is TVS Motors. It is also responsible for the indigenous production of the 150cc bike of 4 strokes. In addition to TVS 50, the company is famous for introducing Scotty, which is the 1st scooter produced indigenously in India. It is also famous for making TVS Champ, the 1st digital ignition, and Victor, the 1t motorcycle indigenously manufactured in India. Its other famous products include Tormax, the 1st Exhaust Noise Technology of Indonesia, Wego, the 1st scooter having the technology for body balance, etc. The TVS Motor makes a significant number of two-wheelers, and it includes Motorcycles like Sport, Victor, Apache Series, Max4R, Star City and Phoenix; Mopeds like XL Super, XL 100 and Heavy Duty; and Scooters like Stark, Wego, Pep+, Zest 110 and Jupiter.

Manufacturing Capability and Distribution

Every year, the number of vehicles produced by the company is three million. Its manufacturing plants are present in Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Its manufacturing facility is also located in Indonesia. The network of TVS Motors consists of over four thousand touch points. These points are scattered all over the country.

Recent Developments

TVS Motor has launched TVS Victor and RTR 200 recently. The TVS Racing participated in the Dakar rally and was the 1st factory team of India to do so. The Dakar rally is the most dangerous as well as the lengthiest rally globally. A partnership was formed between the Sherco, a motorcycle maker of France, and TVS Racing for this rally. In Sri Lanka, it was the winner of the Fox Super Cross and Raid Himalaya. It was the winner in over ninety percent of the races in its racing history.

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