Full Form of TTYL

Full Form of TTYL

Talk To You Later

TTYL Full Form is Talk To You Later. There are several Internet slangs which are very commonly used all over the world and one among them is TTYL. This is another way of saying ‘bye for now’ during a chat or discussion. Like all other Internet slangs, TTYL is not an expression suitable for business dealings or formal conversations. It is mostly used whenever one wants to finish the chat or end an email to catch up later. TTYL is to be used in personal chatting and emails or in special situations when someone associated with the business becomes a friend. Of late, it has become a common part of text messages, online chats, and emails.

Full Form of TTYL
Full Form of TTYL


Many internet users confuse between BRB and TTYL and use them interchangeably. It is understandable that people take slangs casually and do not necessarily care about the contexts in which they use them however, there are differences that everyone must take note of. Unlike Be Right Back (BRB), Talk To You Later (TTYL) puts an end to a conversation, usually indefinitely. In the former case, the other side of the conversation expects the conversation to resume in a short time.


TTYL is a general internet slang, which is fashionably used as a replacement to the good, old ‘goodbye’. It is a final Tata to the other side in respect of the conversation. The reason why TTYL is preferable because it saves a lot of time. “Talk to You Later” is undoubtedly too long a sentence whose meaning is simply a goodbye. Use TTYL because it makes sense and saves time. Some of the examples showing the use of the slang TTYL have been mentioned below and will help in understanding more about the slang:


  • Seeta: I have just remembered to buy groceries for dinner. TTYL, grandma.
  • Grandma: TTYL, dear.
  • Maise: I am looking for an apartment.
  • Daniel: Shit, I am sorry. I just got a call from my Boss. I got to go, TTYL.
  • Maise: yeah, sure. Talk to you tomorrow, maybe.

In both of the aforementioned examples, it is clear that TTYL functions as a full stop on the ongoing conversation. It is amazing how these little terms make so much meaning in a conversation.