Full Form of PSI

Full Form of PSI

Pounds per Square Inch

PSI Full Form is Pounds per Square Inch. PSI is the common unit to measure pressure. To be more specific, it is ‘pound-force per square inch.’ It indicates the amount or measure of force which is exerted in one sq. inch area. The atmospheric pressure at the sea level is said to be 14.7 PSI. Based on the atmospheric pressure at the sea level, any pressure over the sea level or in the air is calculated by adding 14.7 PSI. PSI is pronounced as individual letters P S I. Kilo pound per sq. inch is equal to thousand PSI and this is widely used in the field of material science. This is because; a material’s tensile strength is represented as a large number. Similarly, a mega pound per sq. inch or MPSI is equal to a million PSI and is normally used in the field of mechanics.


PSI Full Form: Population Services International

Full Form od PSI is Population Services International. PSI is a registered global non-profit organization, which conducts programs on child survival, malaria, reproductive health and HIV. The organization works in partnership with the private and public sectors and harnesses potential and powers of the markets. PSI is also known for providing life-saving products, behavior change communications, and clinical services that help in empowering the most susceptible population in the world so that they lead a safer and healthier life.

PSI conducts programs in 60 countries and oversees them from its headquarters situated in Washington D.C. It has its European headquarters situated in Amsterdam. It employs about 250 U.S. personnel and has more than 150 overseas staff. Apart from this, it also has 8000 local staff. The organization obtains donations from the governments of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Netherlands, and Germany; the agencies of the United Nations; the Global Fund; corporations, private foundations, and individuals. It is to be noted that the PSI is also a member of the United States Global Leadership Coalition, which is a coalition of more than 4000 premier companies and non-governmental organizations and is based in Washington D.C.

The coalition is a major advocate for a bigger International affairs budget that provides funding to American development and diplomatic efforts overseas. PSI has been reviewed by some of the biggest reviewing companies in the world. Charity Evaluator GiveWell has routinely reviewed PSI and given it favorable reviews. For years it has enjoyed the status of being one of the most charitable organizations in the world however lately, many evaluators claim that the impact of the organization is not as pressing as it ought to be. Nevertheless, it has a prominent place as far as charity and advocacy of reforms is concerned.