Full form of PHP, Features of PHP software, Advantages of using PHP

Full form of PHP :

Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP Full Form is Hypertext Preprocessor (Formerly Personal Home Page). PHP is open source software designed for web development using a server-side scripting language. With the advent of technology, there have been several software languages and scripts which are constantly evolving to contribute to the dynamism of web pages.

Hypertext Preprocessor or PHP is one such scripting language of open source which was originally created and has contributed towards web development. The original PHP Full Form represented ‘Personal Home Page’, which eventually changed into ‘Hypertext Preprocessor’. It was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1994. Today, PHP has been installed on over 250 million websites and over 3 million web servers across the world.

Features of PHP software

PHP can be embedded with HTML to obtain highly efficient web pages. Basically, these pages can be HTML tags, texts, or scripts that have a ‘.php’ file extension. It can also be combined with different types of web frameworks or template engines. Ever since its birth in 1994, it has been one of the most prominent web tools available in the market. It is still being improvised and evolving in its various versions including the latest PHP 7.0.0 with various added features.

Full form of PHP, Features of PHP software, Advantages of using PHP
Full form of PHP, Features of PHP software, Advantages of using PHP

What are PHP Filename extensions?

Various PHP file extensions are .php, .php3, .php4, .php5, .phps, .phtml

What is PHP License?

PHP License is nothing but a software license which is used as a platform to release the PHP scripting language. It is an open source, GPL-incompatible free software license.

How to use PHP Software?

You can mix the PHP code with any HTML code or you can combine it with other web frameworks and web template systems. There is a PHP interpreter which processes your PHP code.

For example, if you want to print “Trendslr”, then the PHP script would be as follows:

echo ‘Trendslr’;

Advantages of using PHP :

  • Since PHP is open source software, anyone can download and use it free of cost.
  • You can run PHP code on any operating system. PHP is basically platform independent and supported by major operating systems.
  • Compatibility of the PHP with today’s servers is the key factor which makes it most preferred software language to use.
  • The syntax of PHP is easy to understand and use. You can learn it quickly as the PHP codes are C, C+ based and also embedded with HTML.

People Helping People

Full Form of PHP stands for People Helping People. It is a late night program broadcasted on CFRB, a clear-channel station based in Toronto. This program is basically about drug addiction recovery (or recovery from any other form of addiction). PHP is hosted by addictions counselor Mark Elliot on Saturday nights from 11 PM to 2 AM. Mark Elliot is himself is an Alcoholic addict and a drug abuser who has recovered successfully. PHP was initially broadcasted on CKLW as a four-hour night show in 1995. Later it was moved to CHUM Radio in the year 1996. However, CHUM Radio Network canceled the program as it was not able to find any sponsors or advertisers for the program. Following CHUM, CFRB also planned to drop the show. When it announced the cancellation news, people who were listening to the program reacted very strongly. After this overwhelming response for his program, Mark Elliot had taken the broadcasting ownership of PHP and made it an infomercial. He was also able to get some sponsors for the program and relocated the program to Toronto. Now, this program is broadcasted 11 PM on every Saturday on CFRB and Bell Media’s CJAD.

Partial Hospitalization Program

It is a kind of program which gives treatment for mental illness and drug abuse. This program is basically to reduce the inpatient hospitalization and improve the overall treatment of the individual. The patient remains at home, but will come to the treatment center or hospital for treatment at least five days in a week. PHP is very helpful for patients who are not able to stay away from family and could not afford to take long leaves for hospitalization. In addition to treatment for mental illness and drug abuse, there are various other treatments available in PHP. The treatments provided in PHP include; bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety disorders, anorexia, and bulimia, etc.

Percutaneous Hepatic Perfusion

It is a cancer treatment process currently undergoing clinical testing in the phase III stage. PHP is a minimally invasive procedure which treats various hepatic tumors by isolating liver. After isolation, liver is exposed to high dose chemotherapy. Patients treated by PHP are proved to be tolerating high levels of chemotherapeutic agents without an increase in toxicity levels than their counterparts who are treated with traditional chemotherapy.

PHP Procedure:

Percutaneous Hepatic Perfusion isolates liver from the circulatory system with the help of catheter & filters. Once the liver is isolated, the chemotherapeutic agent is infused directly to the liver through the common hepatic artery. The filtration of the venous effluent is done outside the body and filtered clean blood is then returned into jugular veins. This procedure can be done in a radiology suite or in an operating theater under general anesthesia or local anesthesia.

Project Honey Pot

It is a web-based computer security mechanism (honeypot network) used to prevent comment spam and malicious web robots crawling websites. PHP uses special software which is embedded in targeted website that collects IP addresses for spam and bulk mailing. It collects the unused mail exchanger record (shortly MX record) from various domain owners. It also helps law enforcement agencies to curb commercial bulk mailing and reduce overall spam on the internet.

People’s Heritage Party

It is one of the political parties in Republic of Ghana which follows Nkrumahist philosophy. This party was formed in 1992 when the ban for the functioning of political parties was lifted in Ghana. During the parliamentary elections which were held in 1992, PHP could not win any seat and subsequently in 1993 it was merged with National Independence Party.

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