Full Form of PGDCA, Syllabus, PGDCA Online Course

Full Form of PGDCA:

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application

PGDCA Full Form is Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application. PGDCA course comprises of languages like Java, C++, and various packages like Oracle-VB, Tally, Office web-design, MS. Dos-Windows OS, system analysis, data processing, and more. This is a one-year course consisting of two semesters. Graduates from any of the recognized universities in India are eligible to join this course.

A student who has completed PGDCA can seek employment in IT firms, entertainment sector, banking industry, research films, health industry, etc. The various posts for a PGDCA include data entry worker, database manager, data analyst, application developer, IT support technician, game developer, IT manager, and more; depending on the experience.

PGDCA Full Form – Additional Information

The PGDCA is a course of the computer science field at the diploma level. This is perfect for those students who desire to make their career in the field of computer applications. The main aim of the study program of this course is to make the students aware about the use of computer science numerous areas, such as accounting, insurance, and banking. It helps them in obtaining professional skills as well as knowledge about the applications of computers.

Full Form of PGDCA, Syllabus, PGDCA Online course
Full Form of PGDCA, Syllabus, PGDCA Online course

The duration of the study program of PGDCA extends to 1 year. The students can enter into it after they complete their graduation. The program is designed to impart specialization in the area of computer science, in addition to the development of the communication, professional and technical skills. The training provided in this program will help the students in becoming expert information technology professionals in the future.

Eligibility and Admission criteria for PGDCA Course

The eligibility requirements, as well as the admission procedures for the PGDCA course, are different for every institution or university. The candidates that are holding diploma degrees are eligible for taking admission in the study programs of this degree. The same is true for graduates. There are certain universities in which at least fifty percent marks are needed in the bachelor degree for getting admission. An example for this is the Pune University.

Every institution or university offering the PGDCA course has its own official portal. The candidates fulfilling the eligibility requirements can apply for the desired university’s course of this degree through these portals. The candidates are shortlisted for the interview and are called at a specific date. The candidates are then sorted in accordance with the marks obtained by them in the qualifying exam. They are required to have essential documents such as transfer certificate, marks list, contact certificate, etc for verification during the interview process. Those who satisfy these qualifications are provided admission in the study program of PGDCA.

PGDCA Syllabus

The course duration of the study program of this degree is divided into two semesters. During the first semester, the students are required to have a detailed study of the subjects like the fundamentals of information technology and computer science, PC packages, and operating systems. Additionally, they are required to choose from one of the following two electives: MS Access and FoxPro.

In the second semester, the students do a deep study of the subjects such as programming with dot net, analysis and design of systems, and e-commerce and the internet. Just like in the first semester, the students are required to study one of the following two electives: accounting of finances with Tally, and programming with OOPs and c++.  They have to do additional project work during this semester. All subjects carry a hundred marks in the exam. The students must obtain at least forty percent in every subject individually for passing the exam. A minimum of forty-five percent must be obtained in practical as well as theory separately.

Job Opportunities for PGDCA holders

There are numerous job opportunities for the students who have completed their PGDCA course. There are a large number of employment areas where they can pursue jobs. Some of them are entertainment sector, insurance firms, educational organizations, information technology firms, electronic industry and health industry. Loads of jobs are also available in the banking industry and research firms for the PGDCA pass outs.

The job profiles of the pass outs of the PGDCA course include software marketer, analysts of quality assurance, network analyst, system manager, game developer, database managers, computer operator, and application developer.

There are a large number of firms in the public sector which employs the PGDCA pass out. Some of them are ISRO, BHEL, AAI or Airport Authority of India, FCI or Food Corporation of India and SAIL or Steel Authority of India. Many organizations in the private sector also recruit them. These include Intel, NIIT Technologies, Tech Mahindra, HCL, Global Software, etc.

PGDCA Online course

The students who are unable to attend institutions or universities for pursuing the PGDCA study program can opt for the online courses. There are multiple institutes that provide the same at minimal fees. The PGDCA degree offered by these programs is approved by DEC and UGC.

The online courses of this degree have their own benefits. The students studying through these course types obtain individual attention. Numerous technology devices like tabs and i-pads can be used for accessing the contents. The online course is useful especially for those professionals who are unable to attend classes due to their extremely busy schedule. It helps students in obtaining practical skills. The duration of this course extends to 2 years from the enrollment date.