Full Form of PC

Full Form of PC:

Personal Computer


PC Full Form is Personal Computer. PC is a computer that is intended for the general purpose usage b the individual users. It can be directly operated by the end user. These are relatively small in size and inexpensive in price compared to the larger computers that are more expensive.

Programma 101, released in 1965, was the first personal computer based on desktop characteristics and was commercially released. Computer case, power supply unit, motherboard, processor, hard disk, main memory, visual display unit, video card, keyboard, mouse

— these are some typical hardware components of a PC.

Full Form of PC
Full Form of PC

A typical PC includes some general software applications like word processing, web browsers, spreadsheets, games, databases, e-mail clients, internet clients, playback medium for digital media and other relevant applications. Commercial, free, and open source — all types of software applications are available for use by the PC users. Earlier versions of PCs were stationary.

But, various types of portable PCs like laptops, notebooks, tablets, pocket PCs are now available in the market. The price of a PC may range from as low as 100 dollars to as high as thousands of dollars. A person can modify his PC according to his requirement. PCs run on various operating systems like Windows, Linux, and OS X. Windows operating system, developed by Microsoft, is the widely and mostly used operating system in the PCs.