Full Form of NSP

Full Form of NSP

Network Service Provider

NSP Full Form is Network Service Provider. NSP is an entity that provides the necessary infrastructure that makes up the internet. NSP act like a backbone for the internet. These NSPs provide the network or “pipe” for an end to end network communication and routing services.


Different NSPs are connected together through various nodes that make up the internet. These nodes are generally referred to as Network Access Points (NAPs) All Internet Service Providers (ISPs), providing the internet to consumers, are dependent on these NSPs to provide the internet service to the end users.


Whenever an end user connects to the internet through their modems, the ISPs authenticate these end users and then connect to the NSPs which in turn provide the actual internet through NAPs. The NSPs provide global connectivity and are responsible for the reliable performance of the internet. Generally, NSPs are global telecommunication companies like AT&T, Cisco, Verizon, and Sprint.


With an increase in the role of mobile communications globally the NSPs have now expanded their offerings to different areas of telecommunications like cable, satellite, mobile cell along with the usual standard internet protocol services. Some NSPs also provide data storage services. Different countries have different protocols and regulations for NSPs that ensure the integrity and reliability of services.