Full Form of MCA – MCA Syllabus – Career Scope after MCA

Full Form of MCA

Master of Computer Applications

MCA Full Form is Master of Computer Applications. MCA is a post-graduate course in computer application. This course is usually pursued after the completion of BCA, which is the bachelor’s degree in computer application. Even candidates with other graduate degrees with relevant subjects like mathematics and computer science from an accredited university are eligible for MCA.


To be more specific, MCA is a 3-years course with 6 semesters. The final semester is dedicated to project development and on-job training. The course is also designed to match the requirements of IT companies. Some of the key subjects in MCA include operating systems, networking operations, database management system, operation research, object-oriented programming, multimedia and business administration.

Full Form of MCA
Full Form of MCA


MCA Full Form – Additional Information

A question that always haunts many is “After graduation what?” There is always a feeling that mere graduation is not enough to get a good job. And if at all you manage to secure a job, there is no scope for substantial growth and promotion Thus, it is a wise decision to do post-graduation studies. Presently, there is a great demand for Information Technology (IT) and youngsters are lured to this lucrative field. The field does not only offer good job opportunities, but IT industry is the most highly paying industry today. Hence, if you can manage to set your foot into one of the top companies, the going is good in the future.


Why do MCA?

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) offers the fundamental knowledge about the booming computer industry. No doubt that after graduation you can get a good paying job if your performance and records are good. Many students get selected through campus placement itself by the end of 5th of the 6 semesters. Nonetheless, this job may give opening at a junior level and if your performance is commendable, then probably you will get a nominal promotion.


However, being a Bachelor’s degree, the knowledge imparted is basic and limited. There is no scope for deeper insight of the many trends existing in the ever-changing technological world. So by the end of the day, the person falls short of understanding any major issues that crop up while handling the system’s work. MCA or Master of Computer Applications takes the person a step further than his previous standing of computer knowledge and that automatically gives leverage to the work position.


Know More about MCA

BCA is an undergraduate three years degree program in basics of computer applications. However, MCA is an advanced level study of the same field and this is a three years professional course. The eligibility for admission to MCA is not necessarily a degree in Computer Applications. A degree holder in any stream of studies with a minimum aggregate of 50% is deemed eligible. Nevertheless, the study of Mathematics is a pre-requisite for admission.


This course is designed to enhance the student’s ability to tackle with the computer related issues and gives an in-depth knowledge of all the different terminologies and their importance in computer applications. MCA prepares a person for advanced placement in IT job, as there is adequate imparting of knowledge to understand the sub-fields in the computer world. Apart from this, since the last year of the course is dedicated to a field specialization, the student has a better opportunity to select the job profile that matches his/her skills.


Since this course is necessarily not for persons having prior detailed computer knowledge, the first year of the course is dedicated to developing one’s skills in using various computer technologies. The next year focuses on a more in-depth study of computer related terms and their proper usage. The computer world is opened before you through its different segments and one learns to combine them to achieve a single smooth functional flow.


MCA Syllabus

Many colleges and universities that offer BCA also have an extended provision for the study of MCA. This is also applicable to the Open Universities like IGNOU, etc and you can avail of online course facility as well. Just remember that the final year of the course is designated to specialization in a particular section and project work is based on that choice to gain hands-on experience. Just like Bachelor of Computer Applications, the Master program is also spread for 6 semesters in three years. However, every semester has a practical session to practice the newly learned technologies and skills.


First Semester

The first semester handles the study of accounts and finance management, computer programming like C, UNIX, and Shell etc. fundamentals of mathematics with respect to computer science and so on.


Second Semester

The second semester has lessons in the structure of an organization and human resource management, data and file maintenance using C programming, statistical and numerical procedures based on computer, introduction to C++ etc.


Third Semester

The third semester concentrates on the system, Java, and internet programming, learning about database management, different Operating systems, and computer networking. Designing and scrutiny of Algorithm are also covered in this semester.


Fourth Semester

Semester 4th has Visual Basic, a foundation course in E-commerce, modeling and simulation as well as animation and computer graphics. How to develop software is introduced and there is the first option of an elective subject to choose.


Fifth Semester

In the fifth semester, internet and web technology, enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and elective second and third is offered.


Sixth Semester

The final semester is usually an industrial project to refresh the knowledge and gain on-site experience.


Career Scope after MCA

Since during MCA course every aspect of the computer related field is discussed and explained in detail, it becomes easier for the students to get a job in a mid-senior level post, after which a couple of years experience sees the person in a senior post with a good deal of responsibilities and sound remuneration.


The various posts that can be applied for after completion of MCA are testing engineer, software engineer and developer, programmer, systems analyst, software consultant, quality control engineer, networking and database administrator and finally, a technical support engineer that attends to hardware related issues. Since soft skills are also developed during the course, one can apply in Personnel department with a link to finance and accounting. There is a wider spectrum of job opportunities and you have the liberty to select the job related to your field of specialization too.


Advantages of doing MCA Course

A bachelor’s degree is considered very basic and in today’s competitive world more importance is given to higher knowledge and learning. The tag of a master’s degree indicates that the student has in-depth knowledge about the chosen field of study and that there is more exposure through industrial training.


It is not that plain graduates do not get decent openings in good companies. However, they need to be trained to come at par with skilled personnel. In a way, the company’s time and resources are wasted in the training process. However, if an already trained and skilled candidate is available then there is more preference given to him. Therefore, graduation is good, but post-graduation is any day more effective and better.


MCA Full Form: Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Ministry of Corporate Affairs is a ministry under the Union Government of India. It regulates various corporate affairs through company acts 1956 and 2013 & other related bills, rules and acts. MCA also offers several important services for stakeholders along with appropriate protection. In fact, it is responsible for the regulation of enterprises in India both service and industrial sectors.