Full Form of KBPS

Full Form of kbps

Kilo Bits Per Second

kbps Full Form is Kilo Bits Per Second. kbps is a standard data measurement unit that is widely used in data communication sector to measure the amount of transferred or transferring data in kilobits unit in a single second. Kilobits is a higher measurement unit than bps (bits per second) and Bps (Bytes per second). It is used to measure the transfer rate of data when the rate is too high to be represented in bits or bytes.

The unit of kbps is not to be confused with Kbps . Whereas 1 Kbps means that 1000 bits are being transferred at a certain point in a single second, 1KBps denotes that 1024 Bytes are being transmitted in one second. It should also not be confused with Kbps which means that 1024 bits are being transferred in a second.


From the technical point of view, kbps is the decimal kilobit unit, while Kbps and Kbps are respectively binary kilobits and binary kilobyte units. There are 8 kilobits in every kilobyte. This unit of kilobits should be presented with a lower-case k, and not with a upper-case K. But most of the people commit this mistake. 1 Megabits per second is equal to 1000 kbps.