Full Form of ISO – What is the need for ISO?

Full Form of ISO :

International Organization for Standardization

ISO Full Form represents the International Organization for Standardization. ISO is a non-government and non-profit Organization. It is the largest organization in the world that develops voluntary International Standards for services and products. ISO was founded in the year 1947.

Key Features of ISO :

ISO comprises of 162 countries that represent the National Standards groups around the world. The central secretariat is in Geneva. ISO has issued over 19,500 International Standards, which covers a majority of the industries including food safety, technology, healthcare, agriculture, and more.

Full Form of ISO - What is the need for ISO
Full Form of ISO – What is the need for ISO

What is the need for ISO?

ISO sets standards to make things work in the right manner by giving International Standards of specifications for various services, products, and systems, in order to ensure safety, quality, as well as efficiency. While using the standards businesses can minimize errors, wastes and thereby increase productivity. It also assures the consumers that the products and services they use conform to the required minimum international standard. Hence, they are highly influential in expediting International Trade.

Structure of ISO :

ISO is a non-governmental voluntary organization which has members from each representing countries. These members are responsible for formulating strategies and policies for ISO. They conduct an annual General Assembly meeting in Geneva to discuss various strategic objectives for ISO.

Popular ISO Standards:

  • ISO 1:2002 Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS)
  • ISO 105 Textiles – Tests for color fastness
  • ISO 5455 Technical drawings – Scales
  • ISO 9000 Quality management systems
  • ISO 14000 Environmental management systems
  • ISO/TS 15000 Electronic business eXtensible Markup Language
  • ISO 22000 Food safety management
  • ISO 26000 Social responsibility
  • ISO 31000 Risk management
  • ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety
  • ISO 50001 Energy management

ISO Full Form: International Socialist Organization

Full Form of ISO is International Socialist Organization. It is a revolutionary organization in the US, which identifies with Leninism, Marxist, and Trotskyism and has branches all over the country. International Socialist Organization advocates replacement capitalism with socialism – the system that enables the collective resources and wealth of the society to be controlled democratically and meet needs of people – the working class.

ISO is committed to creating an organization, which participates in the endeavors for liberation and justice for the present and future socialists. The members across the country are active in various movements to stop war and fights against anti-immigrant scapegoating and racism. It also involves in women’s rights endeavors as well as the rights of workers. It determines itself to be a Marxist Organization to advocate liberation of the working class.

Full Form of ISO: Infr ared Space Observatory

ISO Full Form stands for Infrared Space Observatory. As the name indicates, Infrared Space Observatory was a space telescope operated by the European Space Agency or ESA and exclusively designed and operated for infrared light observations. It is meant to study the wavelengths between 2.5 micrometers and 240 micrometers and this was made possible with the help of 2 spectrometers LWS and SWS, an imaging photopolarimeter (ISOPHOT), and a camera (ISOCAM). It was launched in November 1995 at the Guiana Space Centre.

It was the first orbiting observatory in the world, which was equipped with 4 scientific and cutting-edge technical instruments. The mission was a huge success in all aspects of operational, scientific, and technical. The scientific results impacted almost every field of astronomy. The operational phase lasted more than specified, which is up to April 1998 and during this period, ISO made over 30,000 individual imaging, spectroscopic, polarimetric, and photometric observations reaching out to the farthest extragalactic sources.

ISO Full Form: Incentive Stock Option

Full Form of ISO refers to Incentive Stock Option. It is a form of stock options for the employee, which is granted only to the employees with a U.S. tax exemption. Incentive Stock Options is also known as Qualified Stock Options or Incentive Share Options. The employee is not bound to pay Income tax or any of the employment taxes. ISOs have tax treatments that are more beneficial than NSOs or Non-Qualified Stock Options. However, ISO requires holders to hold the stock for a long period of time for improved tax treatment, which is riskier.

In addition to these, there are huge demands one has to meet to qualify as ISO. If the holder decides to dispose stocks within one year, there might be marginal tax delay or deferral value.

Full Form of ISO: Independent Sales Organization

ISO Full Form stands for Independent Sales Organization. It is a third party sales organization, which signs up merchants to get credit cards on behalf of the acquiring banks. In other words, Independent Sales Organization can be termed as the ‘sales force for hire’ used by banks and acquirers who wish to outsource the job instead of using their staff and manage it internally. Every ISO representative receives a commission on the sale of every merchant sign up.

The ISO is also referred as MSP or Member Service Provider though it does not sound synonymous. The card industry terms ISO as an individual or organization, which is not a MasterCard or Visa card member bank. In other terms, ISO cannot be stated as an Association member but that which has a relationship with the actual member of the Association. This can involve card issuing or acquiring functions, arranging for leases or terminal purchases, soliciting new cardholders and customers, providing customer services, etc.

ISO Full Form: Imamia Students Organization

Full Form of ISO also refers to Imamia Students Organization. It is an organization comprised of Shiite Muslim students in Pakistan. The founder of the organization is Dr. Syed Muhammad All Naqvi in May 1972 at Lahore University of Engineering and Technology. The primary objective of Imamia Students Organization is to nurture the younger generation in compliance with teachings of Koran and Prophet Muhammad and make them into pious human beings. The motive was to defend the purity of the Islam religion along with the ideological and geographical boundaries of Pakistan – the gift of God.

ISO or ISO Pakistan is one of the biggest organizations of students in the country amidst some of the popular universities like Karachi University; Agriculture University Peshawar; Quaid Azam University Islamabad; Punjab University Lahore, etc. As an organization that represents both religion and students, it has the largest count of units and members all over the country.

Full Form of ISO: Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

ISO Full Form stands for Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. As inferred by the name, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is a popular Orchestra in the U.S, which is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The band performs around 200 concerts to over 350,000 audiences each year and hence known to be the largest organization of performing arts in Indiana. It is one among the 18 orchestras in America, which performs throughout the year.

Ferdinand Schaefer was the founder and music director while other music directors are Izler Solomon; Fabien Sevitzky; john Nelson; Raymond Leppard; Mario Venzago; and Krzysztof Urbanski. Some of the earliest recordings of the orchestra appeared again on the Historic Recordings.co.uk label in the UK. The principle pops conductors of the band are Erich Kunzel and Jack Everly.

ISO Full Form: Independent System Operator

Full Form of ISO refers to Independent System Operator. It is an organization, which was formed at the recommendation of FERC or Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Wherever Independent System Operator is formed, it controls, monitors, and coordinates operation of electrical power system typically within a single state of U.S. At times it also encompasses more than one state. RTO or Regional Transmission Organization is also similar to ISO with same functionalities other than the fact that RTO covers larger area, unlike ISO.

ISO coordinates transmission and generation across regions to ensure appropriate balancing of load and generation instantly to maintain the electricity supply-demand balance. It also provides transmission access without discrimination and facilitates competition among the wholesale suppliers in order to provide fair prices for electricity and enhance transmission services.

Popular Full Form of ISO :

ISO Full Form Category
International Organization for Standardization Organization
Incentive Stock Option Accounting
Infrared Space Observatory NASA
Independent System Operator Telecom
Insurance Services Office Company
Indian Student Organization Organization
Imamia Student Organization Organization
Independent Sales Organization Organization
Infringing Software Organization Organization
International Socialist Organization Organization
Information Services Organisation Organization
International Satellite Organization Organization
International Society of Organbuilders Organization
Installation Safety Office Military
Intensive Supervision Officer Military
Intelligence and Security Officer Military
Information Systems Officer Military
Intermarket Sweep Order Finance
Incentive Stock Option Finance
Internal Sales Order Finance
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