Full Form of IMPS

Full Form of IMPS :

The abbreviation IMPS has different full forms. And these IMPS full forms are used in different fields. Mentioned below is the comprehensive list of various possible full forms of IMPS along with their fields of application.


Immediate Mobile Payment Service Used in Financial Sector

International Mass Payment System Used in Financial Sector
Inter bank Mobile Payment Service Used in Financial Sector
Instant Messaging Presence Services Used in Telecommunications Field
Integrated Mathematics And Physical Science Used in Academic Circles
Integrated Microcomputer Processing System Used in Software Field
Idan Mission Planning System Related to Idan Computers Ltd
Interactive Mathematical Proof System Used in Certain Organizations
Institutional Meat Purchase Specifications Used in Certain Organizations
International Masonic Poetry Society Related to Musical Field
Internet Musicians Placement Service Related to Musical Field
Integrated Manufacturing Production System Used in Certain Organizations
Imperial Military Personnel Stories Related to the film Star Wars
Infinite Monkey Protocol Suite It is a Theorem
Impereal Millitary Personel Storys Used in Military/Defense Areas