Full Form of IMA

Full Form of IMA

Indian Military Academy

IMA Full Form is Indian Military Academy. IMA is a training academy that produces soldiers who are loyal to the sovereignty of India.


Soldiers are extensively trained and prepared to give all they have when their country needs them. Simply, it is the training academy to produce soldiers for Indian Army.

Full Form of IMA
Full Form of IMA


Established in 1932 and based in Dehradun, IMA was founded with the aim to build a strong armed force in India. Brigadier L.P. Collins was the first Commandant of IMA and Brigadier Thakur Mahadeo Singh was the first Indian Commandant in post-independence India.


The area of the IMA campus is about 1400 acres. The campus includes athletic facilities like polo, aquatic sports. It has certain areas reserved for battle training, short arm shooting practice, para gliding and para dropping. There is also a war memorial inside the campus. The cadet training includes sports, athletics, arms training, academic implementations, creative perceptions and these subjects are designed to test the mettle and ability of a cadet to be a loyal and expert soldier.


The training period gives emphasis on the realization about one’s own dignity, honor and self respect. Cadets are organized through a system that puts them in any of the four battalions namely Cariappa Battalion, Bhagat Battalion, Manekshaw Battalion and Thimayya Battalion. This academy runs on the motto of Valor and Wisdom.


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