Full Form of HSC – HSC Board Exam & Preparation tips

Full Form of HSC :

Higher Secondary Certificate

HSC Full Form refers to Higher Secondary Certificate. It is a course completion certificate given to a student on completion of secondary education or 12th grade in India. In other words, one has to complete the 12th board examination and pass with the minimum required percentage of marks or equivalent grade point average in order to acquire HSC. Based on the subject or course, the HSC report will reveal the standards reached by a student. Higher Secondary Examination is conducted in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Accounting, Geography, History etc.

Every student scores based on his or her performance and they are not ranked against others in the course. One of the primary aims of HSC is to enable students to qualify to pursue higher studies or to win jobs. This is because the report clearly describes the eligibility and ability of a student along with the credentials that portray the achievements.

Full Form of HSC - HSC Board Exam & Preparation tips
Full Form of HSC – HSC Board Exam & Preparation tips

HSC Full Form – Additional Information

The public examination, also referred to as board examination is undertaken by the students studying in the junior college or intermediate college. This exam is known as the HSC or Higher Secondary Certificate. There are a number of education boards that are operating in India, like state boards and CBSE. Although the structure of this exam varies between these boards, they are all based on subjective exams.

Like the SSLC, the HSC is obtained after successfully passing the higher secondary exam. In India, it is commonly referred to as the class 12th board exam. This exam is given by the students at the end of the academic year of the 12th class. There are a number of differences between the examination type, the number of subjects and the methods of grading in accordance with the type of board. In order to pursue the undergraduate courses or higher education, it is mandatory for students to clear HSC


HSC Board exam

In certain states in India, the higher secondary exam is referred to as intermediate exam. The examples of such states are Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Bihar. The state education boards conduct this exam at the state level, whereas the CBSE conducts the same at the national level. It is held once, every year.

The fields for which exams are offered include information technology, computer science, social studies, chemistry, classical music, basic electronics, math, and physics. The declaration of results is done during the month of April. This continues until July. The majority of the education boards declare the results of this exam during the mentioned time period. The results of 12th class CBSE board exams are announced in May.


The evaluation of the answer sheets is done by the education boards that oversee the certification. The basis of this evaluation lies in the ideal answers’ examples. For every answer sheet, a false roll number is given before the evaluation process starts. The matching of the candidate’s actual roll number and the false roll number is done when the evaluation process finishes. This makes it impossible for the examiner to bias on the basis of candidate’s religion, name, community, appearance, and background.  When the result is declared, the issuing of score report is done by the board. The students are allowed to have their final grades only. They do not obtain their evaluated answer copies.

HSC Guidelines

The designing of the HSC is done that aids in testing the general education of the students, which ultimately enables them to pursue higher education or vocational courses. The marks are awarded in the subjects in accordance with the student’s understanding and appreciation of the subject.

If a student obtains higher than E grades in all subjects, then he or she is eligible to obtain the board’s passing certificate. This rule does not apply in the case of exemption. The passing marks for all subjects are thirty-three percent. For subjects accompanies with the practical exams, the student must obtain thirty-three percent in practical and thirty-three percent in theory separately.

According to the state and CBSE boards, the students who secure a less than forty-five percent, but more than thirty-three percent is declared to have obtained the 3rd division. For the 2nd division, the student must obtain more than forty-five percent but less than sixty percent. The 1st division is obtained when the student obtains more than sixty percent.

Importance of HSC

The importance of HSC in the career of a student is quite high. The syllabus of this exam is similar to the entrance exams of many fields like medical and engineering. This is highly applicable especially to the CBSE syllabus of class 12. For example, in the JEE mains, a weightage of forty percent is given to the marks obtained by the candidates in class 12th board exam while making the entrance exam’s merit list.

Similarly, in the case of AIPMT, only the students having a minimum of fifty percent in the subjects of biology, chemistry, and physics in the 12th class board exam are eligible to attend the entrance exam. During the company placement, the result of this exam again becomes important. There are many companies that lay the eligibility criteria of a minimum of 60% marks in 12th board exam in order to attend the interview.

Preparation tips to obtain HSC

It is important for having a proper study schedule in order to pass the HSC with flying colours. The majority of the students study for the entrance exams of medical or engineering fields as well as for the board exams. In such cases, the topics that are common to both must be studied well. Practicing from sample papers as well as question papers of the previous year will provide fruitful results.

The difficult subjects, as well as topics, must be tackled wisely. The easier topics must be studied by the student if he or she feels de-motivated. The difficult topics must be studied when the level of concentration and confidence is high. It is also essential to practice numerical problems in the case of math, chemistry and other subjects where calculations are needed. This will help in increasing the speed of solving problems.