Full Form of EMAIL

Full Form of EMAIL

Electronic Mail

EMAIL Full Form is Electronic Mail. Email is essentially a mode facilitating the exchange of digital messages among computer users. Email entered into its first ever commercial application during the 1960s and by the time around 1970s, it became well-established and was commonly known as Email. It functions across computer networks, which is essentially the Internet. Some previous versions of Email required that both the author and the recipient be online during the operation, taking the form of instant messaging. Presently, the Email systems are premised on what is known as the store-and-forward model. Email services perform functions such as acceptance, forwarding, deliverance, and storage of messages. Now, it is no longer needed that both users are online during the application of the service; all they need is to connect briefly with the mail server.


Email facilitated an ASCII text-only communication previously but has now expanded by means of Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (abbreviated as MIME) for the purpose of carrying out text in other available character sets and allowing multimedia attachments. The phrase “Electronic Mail” was generically used in respect of any type of electronic document transaction. For instance, many writers during the period around 1970s used the term in respect of fax document transmission. Thus, it is a bit difficult to trace the exact time period when the use of the term Electronic Mail started in respect of the Internet Electronic mailing service.


Nowadays, the term is more commonly known as e-mail or email, although there are variations used serving specific purposes. For example, e-mail has been used for a long time in published British and American English and style guides; Email is used in the RFCs for the address of the author; the term mail was previously made use of in the original RFC, in which a single electronic mail was referred to as a message. The history of E-mail can be traced back to the time when the earliest form ARPANET was prevalent. An email message was delivered in the 1970s that resembled very much like that of present emails. The conversion of the ARPANET into the Internet during the 1980s period generated fundamental effects on the present mailing services. The ARPANET made use of extension File Transfer Protocol (abbreviated as FTP) for the purpose of exchanging emails but today, it is done through the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (abbreviated as SMTP) that does away with many complications.


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