Full Form of BT

Full Form of BT

British Telecommunications

BT Full Form is British Telecommunications. BT is a holding company that is owned by British telecommunications plc, which is a British multinational company dealing with the provision of telecommunications services, headquartered in London, the United Kingdom. The company operates in over 170 countries. The origins of BT can be traced back to the foundational days of the Electric telegraph Company in the year 1846 that created a nationwide communications network. In the year 1912, a government department, the General Post Office, assumed monopoly in the United Kingdom.


With the passage of the Post Office Act 1969, the General Post Office became a public corporation. BT—which trades as British telecom—was established in the year 1980 and became autonomous in the following year. In the year 1984, BT was privatised and became the present British Telecommunications plc, with 50% of its shares being sold to investors. The remaining shares were sold in the years 1991 and 1993. BT is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange. It is also a constituent of the Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index.


BT has in its control a number of subsidiaries. The BT Global Supplies division is responsible for supplying telecom services to government and corporate customers internationally and the BT Consumer division is responsible for the supply of telephony, subscription television and broadband services in Great Britain. In the year 2015, BT announced the acquisition of EE for a whopping sum. The acquisition received a regulatory nod from the Competition and Markets Authority in the year 2016. The majority of the revenue generated by BT comes from its Openreach subsidiary. Since the year 2005, BT has been accused of blatantly abusing its authority over Openreach by charging high prices, providing low-quality customer services among other things.


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