Full Form of BRO

Full Form of BRO:

Border Roads Organizations

BRO Full Form is Border Roads Organizations. BRO is an organization that undertakes development and maintenance of roads in border areas of India as well as friendly neighbouring nations. The body is staffed by officers from the Corps of Engineers, Army Service Corps, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Military police, etc. Presently, the BRO undertakes maintenance operations in 21 states, 1 Union territory (which is Andaman and Nicobar islands), and countries such as Myanmar, Sri L anka, Bhutan, and Afghanistan. The BRO has been engaged in the construction of an important tunnel through the Rohtang pass.


The BRO was established in the year 1960 for securing borders of the country and developing infrastructures in hinterlands of the Northern and North-eastern states of the country. For the purposes of ensuring coordination as well as the speedy execution of projects, the Government of India has established the Border Roads Development Board (abbreviated as BRDB) with the Prime Minister and the Defence  Minister being its Chairman and Deputy Chairman.Among others, the Chief of Air and Army staff, DGBR, Engineer-in-chief, and FA(DS) are also members to the BRBD. For boosting the border connectivity, BRO has been brought under the control of Ministry of Defence.


Previously, the body used to receive financial assistance from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. The BRO carries out projects in both India and friendly neighbouring nations. These projects involve the development of bridges, roads, airfields, etc. It has been involved in the development of the Delaram-Zaranj Highway in Afghanistan and the restoration of Ayni and Farkhor air bases. BRO has raised certain issues relating to the employment of labours. It is a policy of BRO to not employ a labour for more than 179 days and thus, keeping the employment causal in nature. These labours are employed locally.