Full Form of ATAPI

Full Form of ATAPI:

Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface

ATAPI Full Form is Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface. ATAPI is the most common interface used to connect local storage device with the computer. ATA allows connecting the hard disks internally with the motherboard for performing basic functions. The ATAPI is designed to connect portable, supported and integrated storage devices without using any kind of external connector to connect them. The ATA also referred as ATAPI interface is a set of thin wires within a cable that transfers data (in/out) to the disk drives. ATAPI is used to connect storage devices like CD-ROM drives, DVD-ROM and other devices.


Due to technological advancement, various versions of ATAPI were developed with various data transfer speeds. It is also called as Integrated Device Electronics (abbreviated as IDE). ATAPI was invented by Western digital and is maintained by INCITS committee.  ATAPI is included in wide range of connections and technology known as EIDE (Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics).


ATAPI is made up of 48 distinct wires and 40 slots that are used to plug into connect computer and device. Electrical output is transmitted from the device through the wires and then into the CPU (central processing unit) which converts it into information. The information can also be sent from the CPU to the device. The concept of ATAPi is simple yet it proves to be difficult to get the wires perfectly fit with the respective devices. ATAPI is the most reliable and accessible technology however it has various competitors in terms of technology like USB, Firewire, SATA etc.