Full Form of ACE

Full Form of ACE:

Access Control Entry

ACE Full Form is Access Control Entry. The entries in a control list with the information of the security user access rights are called Access control entries. Each access control entry has a distinct identity (ID), which helps to identify the individual or a subject group. An access control list can have multiple access control entries, with each one having defined access rights to an individual or different groups. The access control entries in ACL (Access Control List) controls all the access to the objects that users or programs might use.


It defines who and at which level can access the object and resources thus, ensuring optimum security in a system. When a user accesses a system and tries to execute a particular program, the system demands the rights and credentials of the user so as to allow access to the program. When the program tries to open an object the credentials that are used to allow access are compared with the security control of the user.


The ACE information is then monitored by the security and then it is determined whether a user should be permitted to access the program. Whenever one modifies an ACL, windows will automatically construct an appropriate ACE which takes care of implementation details. There are 6 types of ACEs three are generic and can be used in ACL whereas the other three are object-specific. ACE contains the following Access Control Information:

  1. A Security Identifier (SID) that identifies a user and grants permission
  2. An Access Mask that specifies access rights controlled by access control entry
  3. A Flag that indicates the type of ACE