Full Form of ABS

Full Form of ABS

Anti-lock Braking System

ABS Full Form is Anti-lock Braking System. The safety system in automobiles that helps the wheels of a vehicle in maintaining tractive contact with the surface of a road, in accordance with the inputs of the driver while braking, is known as the ABS or Anti-lock Braking System. This system reduces the possibility of ceasing wheel rotation, by preventing the locking up of the wheels. It also helps to avoid uncontrolled skidding. This system is automatic. It utilizes the cadence braking and threshold braking principles. The skillful drivers practiced these principles with the braking systems of previous generations. The ABS system performs the same at a quicker rate.

Numerous advantages are offered by the ABS. The control of the vehicle provided by it is more effective. It also helps by reducing the stopping distances on slippery as well as dry surfaces. However, the braking distance is increased by the ABS on surfaces covered by snow or loose gravel. The primary components of the ABS consist of a pump, wheel speed sensors, and a controller. These are discussed below:


(1) Speed Sensors: The Speed sensors are utilized for determining the wheels’ deceleration or acceleration. The components used by sensors consist of a Hall Effect sensor and a magnet. They may also use an electromagnetic coil for signal generation and a toothed wheel.

(2) Controller: The information from the speed sensor on each wheel is received by the controller. It receives a signal if traction is lost by a wheel. In this case, the brake force gets reduced by the controller. It also activates the modulator of the ABS.

(3) Pump: The pressure in the hydraulic brakes is restored by a pump after it is released by the valves. When a wheel slip is detected, the valve is released by the controller’s signal. When the pressure that is supplied by the user is released from the valve, the pump helps by restoring pressure in the braking system. The status of the pump is modulated by the controller for reducing slipping.