Can a hernia cause erectile dysfunction?

Can a hernia cause erectile dysfunction?

A hernia is a medical condition when an internal organ or intestine bulges out from the weak spot in the abdominal wall. It causes pain to the patients and affects the ability to do normal work leave alone intense physical work.


The hernia is treated by pushing the bulging tissue inside and the weakened part of the wall is strengthened with stitches or by placing a mesh. There are several types of hernias, but one type can affect the normal erection process due to pain only. Doctors maintain their view that it is only pain which leads to inability to perform certain physical tasks. There is no adverse impact on the erection process. After surgery and full recovery from it, most of the patients can resume their normal life comfortably.


Groin hernia temporary affects erection process

Groin or inguinal hernia is a condition when the intestine comes out from the weak part in the abdominal wall.  The patients suffer pain during coughing, lifting some heavy object or bending.   

Medical experts are of the view that of all the hernia, groin hernia cans temporarily affect the erection process.  But it is more due to pain in the pelvic muscles than any adverse impact on erection nerves.

There is no case, which can lead to believe that groin hernia can cause erectile dysfunction. The nerves are totally different and the anatomy of two processes is also completely different.


 Hernias and effect on erection process

Many hernias are symptomatic, which means that the patient will not show any symptom. Some patients may not even feel pain. They only feel discomfort or some ache. There is no visible symptom, except some bulging from the spot where hernia condition has developed.


Some patients, according to a study that was published in the journal of urology, close to 25 percent of hernia experienced some erectile dysfunction before surgery.  Many of them cured erectile dysfunction with hernia surgery itself. 

The basic cause is not the adverse impact of hernia on the erection process. It is more due to pain during erection, which temporarily leads to difficulties in maintaining an erection. This condition is not erectile dysfunction according to medical experts. With the surgery, the pain that occurs during erection goes on its own without any additional intervention.


Post Inguinal Hernia Repair impact  

Inguinal hernia repair itself never interferes with the erection process. But if a patient feels some pain, there may be some temporary erection issue. It may be due to pain caused by mesh used to repair the hernia in surgery. The placement of mesh may lead to inflammation and chronic pain. Such cases are resolved by removing the mesh or nerve ablation.

In some cases, if the mesh implant is close to the spermatic cord, it might indirectly lead to some problems in erection.


Studies linking hernia surgery with erectile dysfunction

A study in Europe revealed that groin hernia and subsequent surgery to remove it may impact erection in males. This is due to the fact that mesh that is implanted to cover the weak part of the abdominal wall can make the adjacent tissue hard. This condition can have some impact on the erection process.


Another study from the continent also found that there is some groin pain after surgery, which may affect erection temporarily.


There in some rare cases, there may be difficulty in maintaining a normal erection after groin hernia surgery. Majority of males after surgery can get a normal erection after complete recovery. Patients who are fully recovered need medical guidance and medical examination before using Generic Cialis 60mg.


Erection after surgery

Normal erection depends on recovery time after surgery. There are no medical conditions that restrict a patient after recovery from hernia surgery. They can participate in intimate aspects of life without any issue. But their participation depends on how well they are feeling and their pain level. If erection causes some pain, the patients should let some more time to pass before engaging.

Some bruising or swelling may be there in scrotum or area close to it. These are normal features after open surgery. These symptoms go away without any intervention from the patient side. Normally, if some erection issue persists there is no harm in using Sildenafil citrate 150mg with medical guidance.



Hernia and the surgery done to cure it generally do not cause any erection issue. But in rare cases, the pain that persists after groin hernia surgery may hinder the erection process. Medical consultations needed to resolve the issue. Doctors may decide to remove implanted mesh or nerve ablation.