10 Causes for your romantic Glaciation to visit The Serai, Chikmagalur

A distinct class is the Serai, Chikmagalur. See for this because it’s markedly trendy, classy, embedded in one of the original coffee plantation hubs of India (glamorous holidays, you learned this first word from the Blackboard), and a great place for your romantic glaciation! On Google, it doesn’t have any sense yet). Let’s tell you the top ten reasons why we think your romantic glaciation is a supreme luxury resort.

10 Reasons for visiting the romantic glaciation Serai, Chikmagalur

  1. Ambiance – A special coffee resort’s Earthy scent and aura

Enjoy your earthy scent and aura in the Serai resort Chikmagalur, a unique coffee resort. It’s going to be like no other before your romantic glacier. In the Indian coffee capital, Chikmagalur, a quaint city filled with coffee-growing plantations, this resort is owned by the Cafè Coffee Day company. Enjoy the myriad views of the resort for a day that makes your romantic glassy experience unforgettable once in a lifetime with a wealth of luxury and adventure.

  1. Location – 250 Kms from Bangalore

The village of Serai is just 250 km from Bangalore. We took a morning flight from Calcutta and went to the coffee resort from Bangalore Airport. The route to Chikmagalur from Bangalore is picturesque, flanked on both sides by greenery, waters, and forest. The journey is uncomfortable. Is it not ideal for the prolonged retreat of weekends?

  1. Enjoy the property villas and swimming pools 

When we walked into The Serai, we realized a significant presence of vast villas. The villas are spacious throughout the entire building. The inclusion of private swimming pools with villas was more desirable and appealing. There’s Jacuzzi Estate Villa, Pool Villa, Terrace estate, and Home. What better way to relax than to get a glass of drink inside the pool. Spend some time in a lap of luxury with consistency. That is one of ten explanations for the perfect romantic glacier in Serai Chikmagalur.

  1. The first coffee plantations in India surround each other

Ah-ha! Come home to witness the special coffee plantations that supply countries and the world with the best coffee beans. You sit in the cafe center and you cannot avoid the aura of the coffee plantations everywhere you go into the resort and the surroundings.

You can quickly feel the earthy scent of Arabica coffee. The tall and large oaks, teaks, and other trees in plantations are surrounded by delicate Arabica covers. In this shadow of tall trees, Arabica coffee grows – perhaps one of India’s unique methods of coffee production. Folk tales show that since the seventeenth century, this is how coffee has developed here. Boots were thought to have been trafficked in the area of Chikmagalur.

  1. Wellness – Yoga at the Spa Rejuvenation

The idea of a beautiful romantic icing gives you pictures of your inner soul. You can do this by mixing yourself and relaxation in their OMA Spa, do yoga and take a breath in the fresh air with a great spa treatment (the resort has several choices for you).

You should play with their signature therapy i.e. coffee treatment that I tried. The Beer Spa, Chocolate Spa, you may have heard about, but your Coffee Thermal Spa here. The villas are also plenty spacious to freshen your mood. Wake up early and walk, play Yoga in your villa, or by the pool.

  1. Romantic Dinner – cozy weather

Oh! Here’s the best part of a romantic luxury stay in such a retreat. Escape into the wonderful world of the Serai, which reinvigorates pure joy and enchantment for your beloved. The restaurant – Odyssey inspired by the idea of restaurants for travelers can be used to dine and drink. Dine and celebrate authentic Malnadian cuisine or try some of their other multi-cuisine dishes that look as far as your eyes can miss large oaks and teaks.

They will organize your personalized restaurant indoors or in any suitable position inside or right within the last resort, upon request.

  1. Luxury hospitality at its best

The Serai was recognized for its lavish hospitality to its customers. An exclusive coffee resort with a personal touch and care to create an ever-lasting memory for your minute information. The other famous tourist destinations like The Serai Kabini, Bandipur, and Barefoot Havelock (Andaman and Nicobar Island’s Havelock Island) are already a world apart. Your holiday at their property is an event, whether it be any season, the monsoons, fall, winter, or spring.

  1. Enjoy Malnad authentic food in The Serai

Ok, if you learned about Malnad cuisine, we’re not sure. We don’t speak of Mangalorean cuisine. The cuisine of Malnad differs distinguishably from that of Mangalorean. While a lot of people say it is a combination of both Mangalorean cuisine and Coorgi. Today, however, Malnad has emerged as a micro-kitchen with a significant trademark of its own. The restaurant offers incredible delicacies, including Gojju Avalakki, Mavinkaye Saru, Patrode, Kayi Sasuve channa, Shunti Thambuli.

  1. Get a dose of Chikmagalur patrimony – Belur, Halebidu

This is a perfect excuse for visiting Chikmagalur, The Serai. A stone’s throw from here you can visit the Hoysala historical remains and see their charming temple architecture from the 12th to 14th centuries – an era when they governed this area. You can see them from here.

Baba Budangiri is also a choice in the Western Ghats. Only go down to the resort or ask your trip to be organized. The saint who brought the first coffee beans from Yemen to that area was believed to be Baba Budan.