The best Wedding Cake Trends Of 2021

Cakes are always the highlight of a wedding. From virgin white to personalized; Wedding cakes have evolved over the years. Today, bakers and pastry chefs enjoy creative expression and bake wedding cakes in all possible shapes, shapes, sizes, and designs, thus meeting customers’ unique needs. From edible flowers to 3D sculptures to gold leaf, check out this wedding cake trend projected to be huge in 2021.

Transparent isomalt cake: 

Forgetting isomalt is a sugar substitute. Isomalt is mixed with other sweeteners for sweetness. It is edible and suitable for teeth. Isomalt cake toppers are our favourite wedding cake trend in 2021.

Pressed flower cakes: 

Using real edible flowers to decorate cakes is the trend of 2020. 2021 continues with a few changes. For this year, the use of dried flowers or creating a paint press seems to be a trend. For weddings with a garden theme or flowers, Check Offers you can order cakes online and keep up with the trends.

3D Cakes: 

3D Cakes embody exquisite creations and details. This cake features some decadent pies with the addition of modern, elegant and visually appealing 3D artwork.

Cake with a brush: 

The Russian Calabasa cake designer should be known for this ingenious cake design. These modern brown decorations are known as doodles or feathers. Many strokes in pastel colours or muted tones are added to the wedding cake for drama. Colourful brushes are added to birthday or anniversary cakes.

Pearl and glitter cake: 

If you want your wedding cake to look straight out of a fairy tale royal party or a symbol of luxury, follow the trend of adding pearls. Add sugar pearls or gold and rose gold coloured ones. Edible glitter is added for shine.

Unique Geode Cake: 

Geode wedding cake is widely used. Edible crystals made of rock candy or isomalt are used to mimic natural geodesic formations. A unique geodesic cake includes other charming elements, designs and layers, hence the name.

Drip Noodle Cake: 

Oh! The dripping cake makes the senses more appealing by adding pasta as a topping. For this design, edible flowers, along with pasta, buttercream trays, are integrated. Online cake delivery in Gurugram is doing a great job in delivering these amazing cakes to family and friends all over the city.

Square Cakes: 

Geometric cakes are trending and gaining popularity, especially square ones. These are usually single tier cakes that are ideal for minimalist weddings or small gatherings.

Mini Wedding Cake: 

Want a wedding cake but aren’t enamoured with that elaborate or tiered cake? Mini wedding cakes are the perfect choice if this is the case for you. Order cake online to get your personal customized mini wedding cake with details.

The Boho cake

A boho wedding cake is perfect for a casual wedding that isn’t too formal. This is an opportunity to play with wedding cake designs and combine shapes to create something unique. Boho cakes can range from naked, cream, or pies with unusual decorations such as waffle paper, feathers, reliefs, or even dried flowers. 

The number of brides who are brave enough to break away from the norm increases as they opt for a unique and unusual wedding cake that will make the wedding different and unique.

Geometric cake

The geometric shapes and patterns of cakes are a growing phenomenon. With structured patterns and elegant, clean lines, they appeal to the sensibilities of the modern bride. Geometric cake designs rely on symmetry, light, and shadow to create repeating patterns in unique ways. Also, many cake designs feature diagonal and isometric patterns that guide the eye.

Flower wedding cake

The wedding cake and flowers are a coincidence in the wedding sky. Lots of flowers can enhance an ordinary cake and turn it into a stopper for the show. While various flowers can be used in cakes, it is essential to ensure edible and non-toxic. Coloured cake designs can range from random sprinkles or carefully arranged arrangements to dramatic waterfalls descending to the floor.

The rustic cake

Rustic wedding cakes are usually organic and natural and are best for garden or barn weddings. Cookies can be empty or covered with the thinnest layer of glaze. 

Then they are decorated with berries, greens, larger fruits like pears and figs, grapes and fresh flowers. The beauty of country cakes lies in their abundance, as they look like a loving mother or grandmother could bake them.

White wedding cake

White is traditionally the colour of the wedding cake. White wedding cakes were popularized by Queen Victoria because of their meaning of purity and also a status symbol because only wealthy families could afford pure white sugar. While white wedding cakes have maintained their popularity for generations, they have evolved and will never go out of style. 

The beauty of a white wedding cake is the many ways to decorate it with traditional or modern elements. It can be decorated with ruffles, sugar flowers, geometry, tubes, fresh flowers and even gold leaf. The list is endless, and hence a white wedding cake will always be a top choice for couples.

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