St. Patrick’s Day Men’s Costumes

There are plenty of great costumes for men to dress up in for St. Patrick’s Day. This is a great holiday for everyone to get involved. Thanks to the wonderful costumes for men, more of them will decide to dress up for the festivities.

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The most common outfit for a man to wear during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations is the Leprechaun. This is one time when the shorter guys are going to have a significant advantage. However, any guy can have fun with such a costume. There are many different types of costumes that fit this particular category.

Leprechaun Adult Costume Lucky Leprechaun Adult Costume   Leprechaun Lad Adult Costume
Leprechaun Adult Costume Lucky Leprechaun Adult Costume Lucky Charms Leprechaun Adult Leprechaun Lad Adult Costume

A traditional one involves a green hat, and a costume with short pants. Long white socks and black shoes will complete the look. For the guy that isn’t comfortable in short pants, long pants with a Leprechaun vest that is green in color and a hat works well. You can even go with suspenders to create an original look.

If you want to wear a fun Leprechaun costume, what about the Lucky Charms guy? Just about everyone is familiar with his fun personality and the delicious cereal that goes along with it.

Irish Warrior

For the guy that wants to allow the wild side in him to come out, the Irish Warrior is a great costume. It features a skirt, white shirt, and with the addition of a sword it will be complete. There is also the traditional Scotsman dress with the kilt that can be a great costume for someone that wants to recognize the Irish culture.

Mens Deluxe Leprechaun Costume
Mens Deluxe Leprechaun Costume
St. Patrick's Day Party Outfit Ideas
St. Patrick’s Day Party Outfit Ideas

Pot of Gold

For lots of laughs, a guy can go as a pot of gold. Due to the round nature of this costume though you want to make sure you don’t have to do much driving or sitting down! With a pot for the body and material creating large gold pieces on the chest, it is definitely a costume that is going to get lots of attention.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

The accessories can really transform the overall look of any Leprechaun costume. For example wearing the traditional tall green hat is going to enhance the overall picture. There are many styles of green hats for a man to choose from when deciding on the final touches for a great St. Patrick’s Day costume.

A guy may even want to carry around a fake pot of gold. Perhaps golden wrapped chocolates that look like coins could be used. Then those around can also be offered a delicious treat.