Solar Diverters Costs and Benefits: A complete Guide

Utilizing the solar energy generated by solar panels optimally is a challenge for many. In most cases, solar panels generate more electricity than is consumed during the daytime, and the excess generated electricity either goes to waste or is sent back to the national grid. Here’s where solar power diverters come in! They are a handy way to make use of every watt of electricity generated by solar panels. The more electricity you use from solar panels, the sooner you will be able to break even on the cost of your solar PV system installation.

We have summarized the descriptive information about this device to assist you in making the right decision.

Are you new to solar energy and considering an investment in a greener and more cost-effective source of electricity? We are here to simplify and expedite the process for you. All you need to do is select a reputable and MCS Certified Solar Installer company. They will guide you in determining the ideal solar solution for your home, calculating the number of panels you require, and selecting the most suitable system based on your needs and requirements.

What is a Solar Diverter?  

A solar diverter, also known as a solar immersion diverter, is a device used in conjunction with solar panels to maximize the utilization of electricity generated by solar panels. The primary goal of a solar diverter is to monitor the amount of electricity being produced and consumed. In the event of excess generated electricity, it automatically redirects the surplus electricity to specific loads or appliances, often used for heating water, rather than allowing it to go to waste or sending it back to the grid.

Adding a solar diverter to your solar system is a cost-effective investment that can automatically harness excess electricity for water heating. While a solar diverter may not fulfill all your hot water needs, it will ultimately help you save money on energy bills.

How Does Solar PV Diverter Work?

A solar power diverter works using sensors that continuously monitor how much electricity your solar panels are generating and how much your home actually needs. If your home demands less electricity than is being produced by the solar panels, the solar immersion diverter automatically redirects the excess generated energy to typically power an immersion heater, providing you with warm water without additional expenses.

What is a Solar Inverter Used For?  

Not every home uses all the energy produced by solar panels, resulting in energy being stored in batteries, sent back to the grid, or going to waste. If we look at the exported rate (see the Best SEG Rates in the UK), on average, it is about 10p per kWh. However, when we import electricity, the rate goes up to 16p per kWh. Therefore, the best practice is to use your solar panel energy optimally in real time and save on your energy bills.

A Solar power Diverter increases your reliance on solar energy, enhances self-consumption, makes you more energy independent, and reduces your energy bills. Although a solar diverter can be used to power any appliance such as a water heater, electric heating system, or even an electric vehicle charging station, it is most commonly used to heat water in households.

What are the Benefits of Solar Immersion Diverter?

A solar diverter can benefit you in various ways. So, before making an investment in solar PV diverters, you may be looking for the advantages they offer. To provide you with clarity of mind, we have outlined the most valuable benefits that a solar diverter can provide.

Save money on your energy bills

Solar diverters can help you to save money on your energy bills by reducing your reliance on grid power. According to the Energy Saving Trust, solar power diverters can save homeowners in the UK an average of £100 per year on their energy bills.

Reduce your reliance on grid power 

When your solar panels are generating more energy than you are using, the solar diverter will divert the excess energy to your immersion heater. This means that you will be using less grid power, which can save you money on your energy bills.

Improve your energy efficiency

By using excess solar energy to heat your water, you are reducing the amount of energy that you need to draw from the grid. This can improve your overall energy efficiency and help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Does not affect Feed-In-Tariff

The tariff will cover 50% of the energy generated by your system, ensuring that you receive the same payment whether you export it to the grid or use it to power your appliances.

How Much Does a Solar Diverter Cost?  

A solar PV diverter in the UK can ultimately cost you between £200 and £450. The cost of the solar PV diverter depends on the brand, quality, and how efficient it is in diverting the right amount of electricity for specific appliances. There are a number of popular solar power diverters available in the market. The Eddi solar diverter from MyEnergi is the most popular choice in the UK and can cost you approximately £435 (  On the other hand, the iBoost from Miracle can cost you between £250 to £300, and the SolarEdge diverter can range from £400 to £450.

However, the actual price of the solar PV diverter in the UK depends on various factors such as brand, quality, features, and the number of years of warranty.

Please note that the given prices do not include the installation cost, which will further increase the overall cost of the solar power diverter. The installation cost depends on the complexity of the installation process.

Brand Price
Eddi Solar Diverter £440
Solar iBoost from Marlec £250 to £300
SolarEdge diverter £400 to £450.

Are Solar Diverters Worth It?

Investing in solar diverters is a wise choice to fully harness the energy generated by solar panels. These devices efficiently redirect surplus energy to appliances like water heaters, enhancing self-consumption without impacting solar panels with Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) contracts. By optimizing energy utilization within your home, solar diverters not only reduce electricity bills but also promote a more eco-friendly and sustainable energy consumption pattern, making them a valuable addition to your solar system.

Do Solar Diverters Require Any Maintenance?  

Solar diverters require very little maintenance. However, to ensure their optimal performance, they should be kept clean and protected from any damage. If a firmware update is necessary, consult the manufacturer for guidance.

How Is a Solar Diverter Installed?  

A solar diverter, a small electronic device, is installed between your boiler’s electrical supply switch and the immersion heater switch. When the immersion heater switch is turned on, it powers the solar diverter, but the immersion heater itself remains inactive. The solar PV diverter continually monitors the solar panels and identifies any surplus energy. When excess energy is generated, it is redirected into the immersion heater to heat the water.

Some diverters, such as the Eddi solar diverter, can seamlessly synchronize with other products, like the Zappi electric vehicle charger from MyEnergi, through an internet connection. This ensures the efficient utilization of all your self-generated solar energy.

The Best Solar Diverter: Eddi Solar Diverter from MyEnergi

The Myenergi Eddi solar diverter helps you to make the most of your self-generated solar power. It diverts excess solar energy from your solar panels to your immersion heater, so you can heat your water with solar energy instead of exporting it back to the grid.

The Eddi has a number of features that make it a good choice for solar owners, including:


Easy to Install

The Eddi is a simple device that can be installed by a qualified electrician.

Compatible with Most Immersion Heaters

The Eddi is compatible with most immersion heaters, so you can use it with your existing hot water system.

Controllable Via a Smartphone App

The Eddi can be controlled via a smartphone app, so you can monitor its performance and make changes to its settings remotely.


Every solar panel owner wishes to make the most of solar energy. Solar diverters offer the optimal solution for using excess electricity efficiently, whether for heating water or powering specific appliances. They come into play when solar panels generate more electricity than a home requires. Among various solar diverters, the Eddi solar diverter from MyEnergi stands out due to its exceptional features and efficiency.