Romantic Birthday Wishes

Birthday gives chance to express yourself, your love and inner feelings to your loved ones. Expression of love really needs in life to freshens the life and gives energy to face the world with strength. Romantic Birthday wishes are really good to send on the Birthdays. They can express all those things which are in your heart but you don’t have words for that. We have words, romantic words for you to convey your feelings of love and not hide from others.

Romantic Birthday Wishes are the wishes that actually the voice of your heart and its all about love

 and affection you have for them. These are not only a wish for the birthday but also the words you want your loved ones to hear from you all the year and you did not get a chance to say them. Now this Birthday you have golden chance to say all you have in your heart.

Romantic Birthday Wishes
Romantic Birthday Wishes

Romantic Birthday Wishes Card


There are some Romantic Birthday Wishes For you:

When I need a kiss
You are always there
When I need a hug
Your arms are there for me
When I need Strength
Your love is there for me
Today is your special day
And I am here for you
To share and celebrate
The real happiness and joy.
Happy Birthday Darling.

A Romantic Birthday Wish

I wish you to be mine
Become my love and
May like a sun
You always shine.
Happy Birthday Dear.
On your special day
I just want to say
I wish you feel my love
You can trust on me
Its voice of heart you see
I want to share
My joy and pain
And all in my heart
To make your day more
Happy Birthday.

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