Full Form of PSLV

Full Form of PSLV

Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

PSLV Full Form is Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle. It is a launch vehicle build by Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) to launch IRS satellites (Indian Remote Sensing satellites) into Sun synchronous orbits. PSLV is a four stage vehicle comprising 139 tonnes of HTBP based solid propellant in the first stage. The second stage has a liquid propellant of 42 tonnes. The liquid propellant comprises Unsymmetrical Dimethyl Hydrazine (UDMH) which is fuel and Nitrogen Tetroxide (N2O4) which is oxidizer. Again the third stage has a solid propellant of 7 tonnes. The fourth stage has a liquid propellant of 2.5 tonnes.

PSLV Variants :

PSLV come with three variants:

PSLV Standard: Along with the above mentioned four stages, PSLV Standard version uses 6 strap-on boosters each comprising 9 tonnes of solid propellant. It is used to launch about 1,600 kg of payload to 600 km into Sun synchronous orbit.

PSLV CA – PSLV Core Alone : This version doesn’t use any strap-on boosters. It uses only four stages as mentioned above.

PSLV – XL: It also uses strap-on boosters but with more propellant than used by the standard version. It has 6 strap-on boosters each carries 12 tonnes of solid propellant.

PSLV is the most reliable launch vehicle for ISRO. It is often nick named as “Workhorse of ISRO”. It earned its reputation after consistently delivering various classes of satellites for more than 20 years.

Notable satellites launched by the PSLV are: IRS series of satellites, Chandrayaan-1, MOM or Mars Orbiter Mission, Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System or IRNSS series of satellites. PSLV was also used for Space Capsule Recovery Experiment.

PSLV has been the most favourite launcher for 1500 Kg – 1700 Kg class satellites due to its robust reliability and low cost. It has a unique record of launching more number of satellites by placing 10 satellites into various low earth orbits. This mile stone was achieved in the year 2008.